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NIA State-wide Assisted Living Research Underway

June 2005

Researchers from the Gerontology Institute at GSU are traveling to 45 assisted living facilities in various cities and towns across Georgia to conduct interviews with the workers who provide hands-on care to elderly residents. These workers are telling us why they decided to do this kind of work, what their jobs are like, and how they feel about doing them. We have completed over 100 of the approximate 400 staff interviews planned. We also are interviewing one administrator in each facility to learn about the facility's organizational structure and policies and the administrator's experiences and attitudes related to staffing and spending time observing the daily activities of care staff. The goal of this research is to try to improve the satisfaction and retention of care staff in assisted living. In earlier Institute research projects, assisted living residents have told us that staff turnover negatively affects their quality of care and life.

Administrators and care staff in the facilities we visit are expressing an interest in knowing the findings of our study. Even though complete analysis of data will not be finished for several years, we plan to report preliminary findings in the near future as we reach the half-way point of data collection.