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Gerontology Institute Teams with Annie E. Casey Foundation to Host Ethnicity and Aging Seminar

July 2004

Leading scholars in the field of ethnicity and aging met July 16, 2004 at a breakfast reception hosted by the Gerontology Institute and the Annie E. Casey Foundation. The Casey Foundation is developing strategies for supporting, organizing, and mobilizing elders as resources for disadvantaged children. During the day long consultative session, participants had lively and interesting discussions about the variations of culture, race and ethnicity as they impact grandparenting and the role that elders play in communities where poverty and other challenges put children at risk.

Four GSU faculty were invited to pariticipate: Sharon King of the Gerontology Institute, Jenny Heying Zhan, and Jung Ha Kim, both from the GSU Department of Sociology, and Deborah Whitley of the GSU School of Social Work. They were joined by Terry Mills, University of Florida, Donna Yee, Asian Community Center, Geraldo Rodriquez, Los Angeles County Community Services, Anita Rogers, Temple University Center for Intergenerational Learning, and Ron Lessard, Baltimore American Indian Center. Paula Dressel, Sociology professor on leave from GSU to the Casey Foundation, chaired the event.