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Dianne O'Donnell Presents her Thesis Findings

December, 2008
Dianne O’Donnell, a recent masters in gerontology graduate, spoke at the National Adult Day Services Association Annual Meeting (November 2008, San Antonio, TX).
The topic of her talk was centered around her experience at the Weinstein Center where she carried out her work for her Master’s Thesis. Joining her was Weinstein Center Director, Georgia Gunter.
Dianne explains that the talk went very well and several researchers whom she cited in her thesis work were in attendance.
Additional presentations about this same subject were given at the Georgia Gerontology Society annual meeting and at a quarterly meeting with the Georgia Adult Day Services Association.

In addition, Dianne spoke about adult day services and her research in the field at the Life Care Planning Law Firms Association (LCPLFA) annual meeting in New Orleans (Sept, 2008). Lawyers who specialize in life care planning are often in a position to recommend community services to clients. Adult day is not very well known or understood by most people, so she felt it important to educate the lawyers about this alternative. 
Dianne is also preparing an article for the LCPLFA member newsletter in 1st quarter 2009. 
Ann Pearman and Dianne O’Donnell will be co-authoring two journal articles based on Dianne’s thesis research, one focused on the family caregivers and the other focused on participants in adult day programs.