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Annual SGS Meeting Held in Atlanta

April 2008

Frank Whittington, President

The Southern Gerontological Society came to Atlanta this year for the 29th Annual Meeting, “Gerontology at the Cutting Edge,” April 17 – 20. Of course, SGS meetings are always memorable and worthwhile. I recall stimulating good times in Charlotte and Little Rock and Raleigh and Orlando and Lexington and, yes, several in Atlanta. We owe our past leaders and meeting planners many debts. But this year the shoe was on my foot, as I was charged with putting on a good show for all of you and making you happy you came.

I know we succeeded because we had wonderful leadership in Dana Bradley of Western Kentucky University, who was serving as Program Chair, and Meldrena Chapin, who recently completed her doctoral program at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, but who resides here in Atlanta and is in charge of Local Arrangements. They were ably assisted by a slew of folks from Georgia State and the surrounding area.

Speakers included: Robert Butler, Robert Binstock, Erdman Palmore, Graham Rowles, Chuck Longino, Rick Moody, Steve Cutler, Lynne Hodgson, Ed Ansello, Shirley Travis, Jim McAuley, Malcolm Cutchin, Chris Hertzog, Paula Dressel, Gordon Walker, Veronica Rempusheski, Suzanne Kunkel, and many others. We had nearly 100 abstracts in hand that helped ensure an exciting set of posters and presentations. A visit to the spectacular new Georgia Aquarium was also on the docket.

Attendees of the conference were also able to attend an Atlanta Braves Baseball game at Turner Field on Friday night. In this photo, a group from SGS poses for the camera.

Please visit the SGS website, for additional information.