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About the 2008 Campus Campaign

Every day, Georgia State changes shape...

All you have to do is look around to see that big things are happening! Georgia State is on a path of unprecedented growth and improvement, and this dynamic environment would not be possible without you — our faculty and staff.

You give so much through your work and service, and many of you also give through the Campus Campaign, with a generosity that shows you are truly invested in the mission and vision of Georgia State.

"Arriving at one goal is the starting point to another."  John Dewey, American education reformerYour support is making a big difference...

In the past 10 years, GSU's Campus Campaign has raised an impressive $5.3 million from faculty and staff, and your gifts support some of the university's most worthwhile programs, exciting initiatives and essential services. In fact, private support is responsible for much of what is new and exciting here at the university.

It is only through private support that we have been able to offer more competitive scholarships, expand student housing, build more classrooms, equip more laboratories, attract more eminent scholars, create a more welcoming live/work/play environment, and improve our academic standing through ever-more effective teaching, research and service.

Our momentum is attracting attention...

Clearly, we would not be a university on the rise without our many bold and unique programs — this fall, we enrolled our largest and most academically accomplished freshman class ever!

To keep our momentum going, we need your help.

Whatever our accomplishments, at Georgia State, we don't just look back on what we've done, we look ahead to what we can still accomplish.

To achieve our very ambitious and exciting goals, we rely on private support from the people who care about Georgia State the most — and that includes you, our faculty and staff. And especially now, with the decline in state funding, private support plays an even greater role in our success.

In the past, your gifts have been inspiring, and we hope this year you will continue — or add — your support. You can designate your gift to an area of particular interest, or you can give to the Georgia State University Fund, which channels resources to the area of greatest need. You can make your gift online, in person or by mail. Please visit the “Ways to Give” link to the left to learn more.

Your gift, no matter the size, will make a difference. Thank you for your part in shaping the future of Georgia State!

Shape the Future - Campus Campaign 2008