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Summer 2010 Courses in Heritage Preservation

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  Name Time Computer# Instructor

ANTH 8240 Public Archaeology M/W 4:00p-7:10p 53646 Barnes
Prerequisite: consent of instructor. Laws and regulations governing cultural resource protection and preservation, the conduct of archaeology in a contract format, and mechanisms for public education.

HIST 7010 Issues & Interpretations in American History Tu/Th 8:00a-11:40a 52358 Brattain
Tu/Th 12:00p-3:40p 52439 Grubbs
Study and discussion of important historical questions; introduction to the historiography of the field.

HIST 7030 Issues & Interpretations in World History Tu/Th 12:00p-3:40p 52982 Fletcher
Study and discussion of important historical questions; introduction to the historiography of the field.

HIST 8030 Seminar in U.S. History in 20th Century Tu/Th 8:00a-11:40a 53821


HIST 8400 Global Social Movements in Historical Perspective Tu/Th 5:30p-9:10p 53681


Global, inter/transnational, and diasporic social movements in historical perspective; topics may include abolitionism and pacifism, anticolonialism, feminist and women's movements, socialism, communism, and labor and peasant movements, movements for immigrant, indigenous and human rights, etc.

HIST 8680 Internship   50385 Laub
Through a prescribed field experience students are given the opportunity to apply knowledge, theory, and understanding gained from courses. May be repeated if topics vary.

HIST 8900 Directed Reading: Taught in New Zealand   53287 Laub
Restricted to Study Abroad students

ID 8650 History of Interior Design I Tu/Th 4:45p-7:30p 51043 Staff
Antiquities to the Nineteenth Century. Prerequisite: consent of the instructor. Development of architecture, interiors, and the decorative arts.

PMAP 8311 Urban Demography and Analysis Tu/Th 4:45p-7:30p 53543 Liu
This course addresses the role of demography in urban policy and planning, and the impact of a changing population and their activities on our cities and communities. This course makes in-depth use of the U.S. census data in deriving measurements and conducting analysis on regional and local economic and social conditions with emphasis on both the spatial and temporal perspectives. Substantive topics to be discussed include racial/ethnic composition, immigration, housing, employment, poverty and economic development, transportation, as well as land use and urban spatial structure

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