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Summer 2011 Courses in Heritage Preservation

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  Name Time Computer# Instructor

ANTH 8240 Public Archaeology M/W 4:00p-6:55p 53067 Barnes
Laws and regulations governing cultural resource protection and preservation, the conduct of archaeology in a contract format, and mechanisms for public education.

HIST 7010 Issues & Interpretations in American History Tu/Th 12:00p-3:25p 52193 Grubbs
Study and discussion of important historical questions; introduction to the historiography of the field.

HIST 8660/4345 Case Study in International Preservation   53714/52308 Laub
The study of preservation and conservation programs and processes in foreign countries, through lectures, readings, and site visits. Comparison of preservation and public history as it is practiced in foreign programs with the approaches taken in the United States.

HIST 8890 International Heritage Preservation M/W 7:40p-10:10p 53765 Atubeh
Analysis of a selected historical issue or topic, such as modernization, religion, revolution, role of women, and peasant societies.

HIST 8900 Directed Readings   51122 Laub

ID 8650 History of Interior Design I Tu/Th 4:45p-7:15p 50980 Higgenbotham
Antiquities to the Nineteenth Century. Prerequisite: consent of the instructor. Development of architecture, interiors, and the decorative arts.

PMAP 8161 Public Budgeting and Finance Tu/Th 7:40p-10:10p 52987 Staff
A survey of the practice and problems of modern fiscal management in government with special emphasis on budgetary procedures and the means of budgetary analysis.

PMAP 8431 Leadership and Organizational Behavior M/W 7:40p-10:10p 53003 Waugh
Examination and application of theories of leadership and organizational behavior, with attention to communication, motivation, group dynamics, organizational change, leadership and decision making in public organizations

RE 8430 Taxation of Reinvestment Tu/Th 7:40p-10:10p 50784 Staff
In this course the student examines the income tax codes of the federal government and the state of Georgia. These various subparts of these tax codes are initially review and analyzed and then placed into the context of real estate equity investment analysis. Subjects shall include, but not limited to: basis, depreciation, at-risk rules, passive loss rules, capital gain/loss treatment, like-kind exchanges, installment sales, various tax entity classifications, estate and trust tax considerations.

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