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Application Process

As a program within the History Department, the Heritage Preservation program welcomes applications from college seniors and recent college graduates, from international students, and from mature or returning students, including educators, individuals making career changes, and retirees.

Courses & Registration

Look here for information on past, current, and upcoming course offerings in the Heritage Preservation program, as well as links to GoSOLAR: GSU's online system for course registration, class schedules, student accounts and more.

Graduate Assistantship

Information and application for the Graduate Assistantships available in the Heritage Preservation program.

Heritage Preservation Society

A student led organization at GSU designed to foster the preservation movement in the City of Atlanta and to advance the education and careers of those interested in the fields of heritage preservation.  

MHP Listserv

The Heritage Preservation Listserv is the principal mode of communication within the program. Linking faculty, current students, and alumni, the listserv is also used as an announcement board for job openings and internships.

Program Requirements

A listing of degree and course requirements for both the Master of Heritage Preservation program and the Certificate program.

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