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Career Paths

Do you love history but aren't sure what you can do with a major in history? The possibilities abound. Studying history prepares students to become thinkers, honing skills of discernment and synthesis through critical thinking, reading and writing skills. You will be challenged to view the times, places, and cultures you study, including your own, in new ways.

What skills will you develop as a history major?

  • Critical thinking
  • Written and oral communication
  • Multidimensional analysis
  • Archival research methods
  • Oral interviewing techniques
  • Comparative/global/transnational perspectives
  • Evaluating evidence

These skills will leave you well prepared for entry into various fields, including teaching, research, law, publishing, public relations, archival administration, historic preservation, and much more.

Below are a number of helpful links to explore career possibilities as a history major.

If you would like to further discuss career opportunities as a history major, please schedule an appointment with Dr. Larry Grubbs.

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