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Undergraduate History Major FAQ

How can I become a History major?
Any Georgia State student in good academic standing can become a history major by filling out a form in the College of Arts and Sciences, room 418 General Classroom Building. (Freshman should submit forms in the Student Advisement Center.)

What are the requirements to graduate with a history degree?
Below are general requirements for history majors.  Consult the Undergraduate Catalog that corresponds to your admission year into the history program for a comprehensive list of all requirements and details:

  • 120 hours of coursework.
  • Completion of the university’s core requirements.
  • Foreign Language Requirement (1002 or above)
  • Majors must attain a minimum grade of 'C' in all lower-division and upper-division history courses.
  • Hist 2110 (US history survey), Hist 1111 (World History to 1500), and Hist 1112 (World History since 1500).
  • 30 credit hours of coursework in Area G:
  • Required courses as part of the 30 credit hours:
    Hist 3000 (Introduction to Historical Studies) - Take before starting upper-level coursework.
    Note: History majors may complete no more than eight hours of 3000/4000 level courses before completing Hist 3000.
    Hist 4990 (Historical Research Seminar, topics vary by semester—Authorization Required).
    Prerequisite: Hist 3000 and at least four other upper-division history courses, including at least two 4000-level classes.
    You may take any combination of additional upper-division history courses so long as they include at least one US, one European, and one World History course (Asia, Africa, Latin America, or Middle East).
  • Minor consisting of at least 15 hours in one department other than history, including at least nine hours at the 3000 level or above. The requirements for a minor must be fulfilled in a department that offers a baccalaureate degree and with courses at the 3000-4000 level, unless the courses are otherwise specified by the minor-granting department/school/institute. A grade of C or higher is required in all minor courses.
  • Can I specialize?
    The History department offers several specialized programs in addition to its B.A. in History:
  • Pre-Education Track
  • Pre-Law Track
  • World History Concentration
  • The History Department offers a wide variety of courses each semester taught by a faculty of full-time professors. Some students prefer to take the widest possible range of courses, while others create a specialty by selecting a series of related courses. Please contact your department advisors for more information about the specific programs, and how you can tailor your coursework to suit your goals.

Does the history department offer special activities for its undergraduate students?
Phi Alpha Theta, the international honor society in history, gives students the opportunity to present original research at conferences, meet professionals in the field and compete for organizational scholarships and prizes.  Click here for requirements for membership in Phi Alpha Theta.

Joint Studies Program in British and American Cultures: The History and English Departments of GSU have an exchange program with the University of Northumbria in Newcastle, England.

Study Abroad Programs:  Each year, the history faculty lead students on study abroad trips to enrich their scholastic experience.

Department Lectures:  In addition to the Somers Lecture Series and the World History Program Lecture Series, the department offers lectures by esteemed scholars from both within and external to the university.

What can I do with a history degree?
Many history majors choose careers in teaching, archives, preservation, law, government, and business. Visit our website at to learn more about career paths for history majors.

How can I learn more?
For detailed information on our programs, please contact the Director of Advisement, Dr. Larry Grubbs or the Director of Undergraduate Studies, Dr. H. Robert Baker.

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