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History Graduate Students Publish Articles in "Southern Historian"


Congratulations to graduate students Lauren Thompson and Sally Stanhope for publishing articles in the spring 2011 volume of the Southern Historian, a University of Alabama journal.

Sally Stanhope's article is entitled "Liberation of the Southern Lady: Camp Laurel Falls & the Girls' Camping Movement in the American South, c. 1920-1950" (43-58). Stanhope shows how Southern girls' camps defied accepted southern ideals of femininity and challenged such stereotypes by inculcating independence and strength in campers.

Lauren MacIvor Thompson's article, "Tippecanoe and Tyler Too in the Old Dominion: Virginia and the Election of 1840," (11-27) also received the journal's Summersell Prize, awarded each year to the article the editors believe deserves special recognition. In this case, the editors wish to recognize Ms. Thompson's original work on the Whig and Democratic parties' presidential campaigns in the1840 election in Virginia.