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Graduate Student Milestones

Summer 2012

Haley E. Aaron (MA Defense) July 9, 2012, “The Political is Personal: The Georgia Equal Rights Amendment Debate in Public and Private Discourse”

Sarah K. Broome (MA Defense) June 28, 2012, “Stri-Dharma: Voice of the Indian Women's Rights Movement, 1928-1936”

Megan R. Covey (M.H.P.), Summer 2012

Cari A. DePalma (MA Defense) June 1, 2012, “Writing Her Way Back to the Old South: History, Memory and Mildred Lewis Rutherford's Battle Against the Social Consequences of Industrialization in the New South Period”

Kevin E. Grady (MA Defense) June 26, 2012, “James A. Mackay: Early Influences on a Southern Reformer” 

Sally K. Stanhope (MA Defense) July 16, 2012, "White, Black, and Dusky": Girl Guiding in Malaya, Nigeria, India and Australia from 1909-1960”

John R. Whitehurst (MA Defense) July 12, 2012, “"Little Holes To Hide In": Civil Defense and the Public Backlash Against Home Fallout Shelters, 1957-1963”

Spring 2012

Jacob Bennett (M.A. Defense), April 11, “White Privilege: A History of the Concept”

Mallory B. Costen (M.H.P.), Spring 2012.

Rosemary K. Davis (M.H.P.), Spring 2012

Elizabeth H. Decker (M.H.P.), Spring 2012

Jennifer A. Dixon (M.H.P.), Spring 2012

Grace Lynis Dubinson (M.A. Defense), February 2, “Slowly, Surely, One Plat, One Binder at a Time: Choking Out Jim Crow and the Development of the Azurest Syndicate Incorporated”

Jessica C. Edens (M.H.P.), Spring 2012

Helen Greeson (M.A. Defense), April 13, “Gendering the Republic and the Nation: Political Poster Art of the Spanish Civil War, 1936-1939”

Elizabeth Henry (Ph.D. Defense), March 30, “Halting White Flight: Atlanta's Second Civil Rights Movement”

Heather Howell (M.A., Non-thesis), Spring 2012

Sarah L. Kurtz (M.H.P.), Spring 2012

Heather N. Miller (M.H.P.), Spring 2012

Kirk Mishrell (M.A. Defense), April 13 “Rockin' The Tritone: Gender, Race & the Aesthetics of Aggressive Heavy Metal Subcultures”

Charles Morgan (M.A., Non-thesis), Spring 2012

Crystal M. Perez (M.H.P.), Spring 2012

Edith Riehm (Ph.D. Defense), April 9 “Forging the Civil Rights Frontier: How Truman's Committee Set the Liberal Agenda for Reform 1947-1965”

Caitlin E. Shoffner (M.H.P.), Spring 2012

Christopher D. Sloan (M.H.P.), Spring 2012

Fall 2011

Julie Anderson (Ph.D. Defense), November 17, "Reconciling Memory: Landscapes, Commemorations, and Enduring Conflicts of the U.S. - Dakota War of 1862."

Adam Archual (M.H.P.), Fall 2011.

Brian Biffle (M.A. Non-thesis), Fall 2011.

Carmen Brown-Bryant (M.H.P.), Fall 2011.

Kimberly Burton (M.H.P.), Fall 2011.

Lyle A. Davis (M.H.P.), Fall 2011.

Sarah Edwards (M.H.P.), Fall 2011.

Justin Hutchcraft (M.H.P.), Fall 2011.

Teija Korhonen (M.A. Non-thesis), Fall 2011.

Rebecca Lammi (M.A. Non-thesis), Fall 2011.

Amanda Lewis (M.A. Defense), August 17, "Remaking of Race and Labor in British Guiana and Louisiana: 1830-1880."

Katherine Odom (M.H.P.), Fall 2011.

Alexandra V. Ramirez (M.A. Non-thesis), Fall 2011.

F. Karcheik Sims-Alvarado (Ph.D. Defense), June 20, "The African-American Emigration Movement in Georgia during Reconstruction."

Julia Stover (M.H.P.), Fall 2011.

Juan P. Valenzuela (M.A. Non-thesis), Fall 2011.

Jessica VanLanduyt (M.H.P.), Fall 2011.

Sarah Wisdom (M.A. Defense), November 14, " Ballads, Culture and Performance in England 1640-1660.”

Spring/Summer 2011

Michael Arndt (M.A., Non-thesis), Spring 2011

Kevin Baker (M.A. Defense), April 27, 2011, "Red Helmsman: Cybernetics, Economics and Philosophy in the German Democratic Republic."

Molly Baroco (M.A. Defense), January 6, 2011, "Imagining Haiti: Representations of Haiti in the American Press during the U.S. Occupation."

Shannon Bontrager (Ph.D. Defense), April 1, 2011, "Nationalizing the Dead: The Contested Making of an American Commemorative Tradition from the Civil War to the Great War."

David Gross (M.A., Non-thesis), Spring 2011

Kevin Hudson (M.A. Defense), April 14, 2011, "19th Century Tragedy, Victory and Divine Providence as the Foundations of Afrikaner National Identity."

Michael Kelley (Ph.D. Defense), January 13, 2011, "Most Desperate People: The Genesis of Texas Exceptionalism."

Amanda Lewis (M.A. Defense), August 17, 2011, "Remaking of Race and Labor in British Guiana and Louisiana: 1830-1880."

F. Karcheik Sims-Alvarado (Ph.D. Defense), June 20, 2011, "The African-American Emigration Movement in Georgia During Reconstruction."

Mary Stephenson (M.A., Non-thesis), Spring 2011

Masako Racel (Ph.D. Defense), April 12, 2011, "Finding their Place in the World: Meiji Intellectuals and the Japanese Construction of an East-West Binary, 1868-1912."

Michael Rast (M.A. Defense), April 25, 2011, "Tactics, Politics and Propaganda during the Irish War of Independence."

Aubrey Underwood (Ph.D. Defense), March 25, 2011, "The Apocalypse will be Televised: Representations of the Cold War on Network Televsion, 1976-1987."

Fall 2010

Andrea Avery (M.A., Non-thesis), Fall 2010

Jennifer B. Dykman (M.A. Defense), April 2, 2010, "Gentlewomen: The Westernizing of Chinese American Prostitutes in San Francisco, 1870-1940."

Nicolas G. Hoffman (M.A., Non-thesis), Spring 2010

Barry E. Lee (Ph.D. Defense), April 9, 2010, "The Nashville Civil Rights Movement: A Study of the Phenomenon of International Leadership Development and its Consequences for Local Movements and the National Civil Rights Movement."

Joel McMahon (Ph.D. Defense), April 23, 2010, "Our Good and Faithful Servant: James Moore Wayne and Georgia Unionism, 1830-1867."

Laila E. Piskov (M.A., Non-thesis), Fall 2010

Jonathan G. Post (M.A., Non-thesis), Fall 2010

William R. Simson (Ph.D. Defense), April 21, 2010, “Removing Reds from the Old Red Scar: Maintaining an Industrial Peace in the East Tennessee Copper Basin from the Great War through the Second World War.”

Kenneth J. Stallings (M.A., Non-thesis), Spring 2010

David C. Stratton (Ph.D. Defense), May 6, 2010, “The Path of Good Citizenship: Race, Nation and Empire in US Education, 1882-1924.”

Robert D. Young (M.A., Non-thesis), Fall 2010

Spring/Summer 2010

Mohammad E. Alhabib (M.A. Defense), July 15, 2010, “The Shia Migration From Southwestern Iran to Kuwait: Push-Pull Factors During the Late Nineteenth & Early Twentieth Centuries.”

Edwin M. Bevens (M.A. Defense), August 19, 2010, "A Sacred People: Roman Identity in the Age of Augustus."

Mindy Clegg (M.A. Defense), August 10, 2010, "Through the Roof and Underground: Translocal Hardcore Punk in L.A. and Ljubljana."

Jayna C. Hoffacker (M.A. Defense), June 11, 2010, “Catholicism and Community: American Political Culture & the Conservative Catholic Social Justice Tradition, 1890-1960.”

Jennifer T. Lalley (M.A., Non-thesis), Summer 2010