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2008 Faculty Awards Promote Scholarship

The Ellen L. Evans History Faculty Enrichment Endowment
Nick Wilding
Ellen Evans was a Georgia State University history professor for over 35 years. Following her retirement, she established this fund to advance the professional development and recognition of faculty. This endowment will provide critical funds for research travel to Italy for the completion of Wilding's book Galileo’s Idol: Gianfrancesco Sagredo and the Republic of Knowledge.

The Dale Somers Memorial Award
David McCreery & Rob Baker

Following the tragic death of their colleague, Dale Somers, the History Department established The Dale Somers Memorial Award to honor this intellectual pioneer. The award recognizes significant contributions of scholarship by History Department faculty members. Rob Baker and David McCreery were honored this year for their publications Frontier Goias, 1822-1889 (McCreery) and The Rescue of Joshua Glover: A Fugitive Slave, the Constitution, and the Coming of the Civil War (Baker).

The Copen Faculty Grant Fund
Charles Steffen
In 1999, The Copen Family established the Copen Faculty Grant Fund to support research projects. This year, Charles Steffen was the recipient of this award, which will provide funding for his forthcoming book Mutilating Khalid: The Symbolic Politics of Female Genital Cutting (Africa World Press).