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Greg Brooking, Ph.D. Candidate, Awarded David Library of the American Revolution Travel Grant

Greg Brooking, Ph.D. Candidate, has been awarded a prestigious David Library of the American Revolution travel grant (Washington Crossing, PA). In addition to a stipend, the grant provides on-site lodging in a colonial home and 24-hour access to the Library. Greg will utilize the Library's collections to conduct dissertation research. His dissertation is ostensibly a biography of Georgia's final colonial governor, Sir James Wright. More importantly, however, Wright will serve as a lens through which to examine the multitude of power dynamics in colonial and revolutionary Georgia.

In addition to receiving this grant, Greg contributed an essay to an upcoming University of South Carolina Press anthology on the military career of General Nathanael Greene. Titled "'I am an independent spirit, and confide in my own resources': Nathanael Greene and his Continental Subordinates, 1780-1781," this essay explores Greene's leadership style during his tenure as commander of the Southern Department of the Continental Army. The book is scheduled for an August 2012 release date.