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Graduate Certificate in Heritage Preservation

The College of Arts and Sciences offers a graduate certificate in Historic Preservation. The certificate program is open to students who are enrolled in graduate degree programs and in good academic standing at Georgia State University or other graduate institutions in such programs as history, architecture, planning, anthropology, geography, urban studies, public administration, and real estate. Others may apply for the certificate program using the same procedure as that used to apply for the MHP degree, and the same standards will apply. Students accepted into the certificate program will have student standing, with all the attendant responsibilities and privileges.

The Certificate in Heritage Preservation requires completion of 18 hours of course work and successful completion of a general examination. Students must maintain a 3.0 grade-point average in order to receive a certificate. While graduate credit from other institutions may, by petition, be applied toward the certificate, normally not more than six hours will be accepted.


Please note the following information provided in compliance with Department of Education regulations:

Program costs*
Graduate tuition per credit hour:
In-State: $348.00
Out-of-State: $1,212.00

Undergraduate tuition per credit hour:
In-State: $260.00
Out-of-State: $867.00

Fees and other costs:
Mandatory student fees per term: $1,064.00
Books and supplies per term: $500.00
Room and board per term: $4613.00

Completion time: 2-3 semesters

*All figures are estimates only and subject to change without notice.

Occupations by names and Standard of Classification (SOC) codes that the program begins to prepare students to enter