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Program Description

This is a new type of study abroad program which utilizes the minimester system to engage the participants in a program focused on the study of Indian history, politics, religion and culture. The progra is very flexible with several options available for participants. Those seeking full participation in the program will take between one and three courses related to India in Minimester I (August 25th to October 8th 2014) The courses to be offered are POLS 4258 3.0 hrs (South Asian Politics), HIST 4890 4.0 hrs (Indian History) and RELS 4610/6610 3.0 hrs (Introduction to Hinduism). In Minimester II (October 13th to December 2nd) participants will study abroad in India for 6 weeks (6.0 hrs credit at 4000-level in Political Science, History or Religious Studies). Activities in India include lectures, seminars, and roundtable discussions, visits to historical sites and monuments including the Taj Mahal, palaces of Jaipur, Mughal and British monuments, Mother Teresa's mission, the holy cities of Benares and Bodh Gaya. Travel India on scenic train journeys. See Hindu festivals. Cities to be visited include Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Aligarh, Benares, Rajgir, Bodh Gaya and Kolkata. Visit natural wonders like the Sundarban National Park and Tiger Reserve and the Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary. GSU Faculty will accompany students on the India trip. Student participating in te full program can earn up to 16 hrs of upper-division credit. Students can opt to do only one of the minimesters.

Application Deadline

April 23, 2014


The program is offered to all students at the undergraduate and graduate level, as well as non-Credit students. Alumni in particular are welcome. Program size is limited and participation is contingent upon approval by the Program Director. No knowledge of an Indian language is required.

Courses and Credit

Students wishing to receive academic credit may register for one or all of the following courses during Fall 2014:

Minimester I - POLS 4258 (3 hrs), HIST 4890 (4 hrs), RELS 4610/6610 (3 hrs)
Minimester II - POLS 4490/RELS 4100/HIST 4975 (6 hrs)


Participants will stay in comfortable double-occupancy hotels (3-4 stars) or university dormitories. Students with documented disabilities may need accommodations during their study abroad experience should discuss these needs with the Program Director and the Office of Disabilities at the time of application.


Program costs may vary at any time due to currency fluctuations and changing travel arrangements. The cost is tentatively set at $3,200 PLUS regular Georgia State tuition and fees. This includes almost all meals, entrance fees and all transportation costs within India and estimated airfare to/from Atlanta. Student receiving credit will also pay regular GSU tuition and fees in addition to the program cost. Non-resident/out-of-state students will pay in-state tuition plus a $250 fee in addition to the program cost.

Price includes:

  • Hotel accommodations
  • All ground transportation, excursions, and entrance fees
  • Educational lectures and cultural events
  • Almost all of the meals
  • Health/Evacuation/Repatriation Insurance

Price does not include:

  • GSU tuition and fees
  • Visa fees
  • Personal expenses

Payment and Application Schedule

(Please note that costs are subject to change.)

April 23          $500 deposit with application
June 1            $1,350 payment
August 1        $1,350 remaining balance payment

(Dates are subject to change.)

Please pay for your program deposit on Marketplace (the direct link is available under your program's listing on the Study Aboard Programs' web site). Students receiving credit will make all additional payments on PAWS (GoSOLAR). Please refer to the Academic/Registration calendar for the tuition and fees deadline. All tuition and fees must be paid in full before departure.


For more information about the program or to submit your application, contact:

Dr. S. Rashid Naim, Program Director
Senior Lecturer & Director of Undergraduate Studies
Department of Political Science & Middle East Institute
Georgia State University
Phone: 404-413-6153

Dr. Ghulam Nadri
Assistant Professor
Department of History
Georgia State University
Phone: 404-413-6387