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Master of Arts & Doctor of Philosophy

Why Graduate Study at Georgia State University?

Georgia State University has a thriving graduate program in history. We are committed to serving a student body with diverse educational goals, from continuing education to more traditional academic careers. We offer M.A. tracks in public history and historic preservation; we welcome secondary school teachers looking to upgrade their credentials; and we support the College of Education’s teaching in social studies curriculum.

We also take professional scholarship seriously. We are proud to place our talented M.A. students in top-ranked Ph.D. programs, and we have an active cohort of doctoral students who earn a Ph.D. and go on to pursue careers on the college or university level.

Above all, for those who care about history, graduate studies at Georgia State University opens opportunities to expand their knowledge of the rich and varied cultures, ideas, and experiences of the past. Our program affords a unique opportunity to pursue those interests in small seminars and one-on-one study with faculty.

Graduate Program Options:

Degree and Non-Degree Options

Georgia State University’s M.A. and Ph.D. programs provide students a broad, flexible course of study that includes courses in World, European, and American History. Our professors work with students on a wide range of research projects, from local research on Atlanta to global perspectives on world history. On the M.A. level, we have specialized programs of study in World History, Public History, and Heritage Preservation.

For students interested in preparing for subject certification or continuing their own education, but not interested in seeking a degree, the History Department offers opportunities for non-degree students to take graduate-level history classes in all areas of our curriculum. Non-degree students can take up to two (2) graduate-level history classes.

Thesis and Non-Thesis M.A.

We offer thesis and non-thesis options at the M.A. level. The non-thesis option is based primarily on coursework. The thesis option culminates in an independent written research project supervised by a faculty advisor.

Evening and Summer Classes for Part-Time Study

To accommodate the busy schedules of our graduate students, who may hold full-time jobs outside of the department, we regularly offer evening courses as well as seven-week graduate courses in the summer term. We welcome part-time students, who take only one or two courses per semester as they work to complete their degree.

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