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Pre-Education Track

The Department of History offers a pre-education track for students who plan to teach at the middle-school or high-school level. In addition to completing a wide variety of history courses you will also have the opportunity to explore two additional social-studies fields, referred to as allied fields (economics, education, geography, and/or political science). This broad-based curriculum will give you the analytic and writing skills, the global perspective, and the historical content that you will need as an educator.

Upon graduation, you will be well-prepared to pursue your teaching certificate through a master’s program either here at Georgia State University or elsewhere. In a collaborative effort with the College of Education’s TEEMS Program (MAT), we have developed a complementary program that offers outstanding teacher preparation. Teachers holding a master’s degree have a significant advantage over their counterparts in the field.

How do I apply?

History majors can officially elect the pre-education track at the Office of Academic Assistance, and Declaration of Major Forms may be obtained online. It is highly recommended that you declare your two allied fields when officially enrolling in the track. Upon successful completion of the track, students receive a B.A. in History: Pre-Education Track.

Please follow the links at right for further information related to the pre-education track, including frequently asked questions and our advisement checklist.


Pre-Education Track Requirements

Students must meet all requirements for the History B.A. degree (see the Undergraduate Catalog) and complete the following requirements.

Students in the pre-education track will take eight history courses at the 3000-4000 level distributed as follows:

  1. Required Courses to fulfill CTW requirements (8)
    Hist 3000 Introduction to Historical Studies (4) (should be taken first among upper-division courses).
    Hist 4990 Historical Research (4) (Prerequisite: Hist 3000 and at least four other upper-division courses, including at least two 4000-level classes.)
  2. Two courses in U.S. history. The department strongly recommends that one of these be History 4310 (Georgia).
  3. One course in European history.
  4. One course in African, Asian, Latin American, Middle Eastern, or world history.
  5. Two electives in history at the 3000/4000-level.
  6. Students in the pre-education track will also complete a minimum of nine hours of 3000-4000 level course work in two or more of the following allied fields:

                     a.Political Science
                     c. Economics
                     d. Education (Required: EXC 4020; along with two of the following: 
                         IT 3210, EDCI 3200, EDUC    3010, EDUC 4982, EDSS 3400, and EDLA 3200).

History as an allied field consists of three courses at the 3000/4000-level: one in U.S. history, one in European history, and one in African, Asian, Latin American, or Middle Eastern history.

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