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Joint Studies Program

Are you interested in British and American cultures? Would you like to have first-hand experience living in another country and traveling throughout Europe? Sophomores majoring in history have an exciting option to consider for study abroad in their junior year!

Program Overview

The Departments of English and History here at Georgia State, in conjunction with the University of Northumbria in Newcastle, England, have developed a two-year program that provides majors the opportunity to complete their degrees and also earn a concentration in British and American Cultures. In addition to a series of small, focused seminars at Georgia State, students will spend a year of study in Newcastle interacting with British university students also enrolled in the program, attending classes, sharing perspectives on their own and each other’s cultures, living, traveling, and socializing together.

This program fits within the normal constraints of a four-year degree program at Georgia State while allowing the opportunity for international travel and the intimate knowledge of another culture not available through conventional tours or exchange programs. All course work in Newcastle will count toward the student’s major, with sufficient time for taking other courses needed for graduation. The British and American Cultures concentration will be attractive to graduate schools and to potential employers seeking employees with international experience. Best of all, the experience of this scholarly and personal adventure will sharpen the student’s mind, broaden horizons, and provide experiences that will be memorable for a lifetime.

Please consult the Joint Studies Program website for additional information on the exchange program, including eligibility, tuition, housing and employment during your studies.

Application Information and Program Inquiries

The application deadline is March 15. Early application is recommended. Please contact Dr. Tanya Caldwell, Department of English, for program inquiries and to submit your application.