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Mohammed Hassen Ali

Associate Professor
Ph.D., University of London, 1983
phone: 404-413-6359

Dr. Ali graduated in African history from University of London, England. He teaches History 1112: World Civilization since 1500, History 4750: Eastern Africa and the Horn of Africa, History 4760: Central and Southern Africa, and History 4990: The Rise and Fall of the Apartheid System in South Africa. He also teaches two graduate seminar courses on Africa. Dr. Ali’s area of research interest is Ethiopia, with special emphasis on the history of the Oromo people of Ethiopia. He has published one book and numerous articles and book chapters and edited two other books. Currently Dr. Ali is working on two projects "History of the Oromo and the Christian Kingdom of Ethiopia, 1300-1700" and "History of the City of Harar and the Surrounding Oromo, 1500-1900."


Selected Publications

Mohammed Hassen and Steven Thomas, “Ethiopian History, African-American Literature, and Oromo Identity” CALLALOO( in press 2011).

"Testing the Thesis of The Invention of Ethiopia: A new look at Menilek's colonization of Harerge and its impact on the Oromo political and cultural institutions 1887-1900," The Journal of Oromo Studies, Volume 18, Number1 (July 2011): 109-150.

“Revisiting Abba Bahrey’s ‘Zenahu Le Galla’ ('The News of the Galla')," Journal of Asian and African Studies (in press 2011).

“Orature, Resistance, and Nationalism: A Historical Overview of the Development of Written
Oromo Literature,” The Journal of Oromo Studies, Vol. 17, Number 1 (March 2010): 137-177.

"Islam as an Ideology of Resistance among the Oromo of Ethiopia," American Journal of Islamic Social Sciences Special Issue Islam in Africa, Volume 26, Number 3, Summer 2009, pp.84-109.

“The Egyptian Occupation of Harer and Its Impact on the Oromo in Harerge,”
The Journal of Oromo Studies, Volume 15, Number 2 (July 2008): 33-60.

“The Oromo in Medieval Muslim States of Southern Ethiopia,” The Journal of Oromo Studies, Volume 15, Number 1 (March 2008): 203-214.

Mohammed Hassen and Seyoum Hameso, “The Ethiopian Nation” Nations and Nationalism: A Global Historical Overview, Volume 2, 1880 to 1945, edited by Guntram H. Herb and David H. Kaplan (Santa Barbara, California, ABC Clio, 2008): 736-746.

“Conquest, Tyranny, and Ethnocide against the Oromo: a Historical assessment of Human rights conditions in Ethiopia, ca. 1880s-2002,” Northeast African Studies, Volume 9 Number 3 (New Series) 2002 ( Published in September 2007): 15- 49.

“The Significance of Abba Bahrey in Oromo Studies: A commentary on the Works of Abba Bahrity and other Documents Concerning the Oromo,” The Journal of Oromo Studies, Volume 14, Number 2 (July 2007): 131- 155.

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