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Carolyn Biltoft

Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Princeton University, 2010
phone: 404-413-6375

I received my doctorate in Modern World History from Princeton University in 2010. I have a broad interest in both the structural and conceptual effects of global integration as traceable in the history of international institutions, multinational corporations and theories of political economy. I am currently working on a manuscript entitled Governing Babel: the League of Nations and the Global Information Age. My current book project presents the League of Nations as not just a novel institutional form, but also as a cite through which to analyze the emerging centrality of information to the nature and functioning of the global political economy. From questions of language, to economic intelligence and the standardization of nomenclature, the League's archives demonstrate early evidence of the inherent fragilities of a global system wherein material life came to pivot increasingly on the immaterial world of data, credit and communication flows. In addition to the book manuscript, I am pursuing several small-linked research projects with the hope of demonstrating that rereading economic theories through a global historical lens can offer new insights into both their origins and consequences.

As a teacher, I am committed to helping both graduate and undergraduate students understand how using the world as a unit of analysis can illuminate aspects of even very local patterns, dynamics and shades of meaning which would otherwise be imperceptible. In addition to introductory and methodologically oriented world history courses, I teach courses such as the Twentieth Century World, The "Third World" in Global Perspective, and Studies in Globalization and World Order.

Selected Publications & Awards

Visiting Fellow at the Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies, October 2012 – July 2013, Cologne, Germany

“Reversing the Curse of Babel? International Language Movements and Inter-war Chasms” in Patrick Manning (ed.) World History Global and Local Interactions (Princeton, Markus Wiener Publishers, 2005), pp. 179-194.

Albert Gallatin Fellow at the Graduate Institute of International Studies, Geneva Switzerland 2006-2007.