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Kira L. Robison

Visiting Lecturer
Ph.D., University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, 2012
phone: 404-413-5262

Kira Robison has come to GSU from Colorado, via a graduate program at the history department at the University of Minnesota. Her specialization is later medieval history, with a focus on the intersections of medicine, law, and religion in the Mediterranean. Her recent work explores medical education at the University of Bologna from the thirteenth to the sixteenth centuries, with an eye to both the wider intellectual milieu of the medical curriculum and the specific influence exerted on it by the civic context of the students and professors of medicine. She is currently working on her book manuscript and an article that broadly explores the relationship between the university and the city of Bologna during the fourteenth-century independence movements. She also is planning a project with her writing group about women's support networks in academia.