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Past World History Lectures

From its inception, the Program in World History and Cultures has committed itself to promoting world history through its World History Lecture Series featuring distinguished scholars.

2012 Dr. Stefan Tanaka (University of California, San Diego), "Miscellaneous Happenings in and around the Pacific in 1884"

2011 Dr. Michael Laffan (Princeton University), "Cairo as an Indonesian Cosmopolis"

2009 Dr. Xinru Liu (The College of New Jersey), “The Mongols and the Twilight of the Silk Road”

2008 Dr. Barry Trachtenberg (University of Albany), “Culture in Exile: The Yiddish Encyclopedia, the Holocaust, and the Displacement of Jewish Scholarship”

2007 Dr. David Christian, (San Diego State University), “Beyond the Two Cultures: History, Science, and Complexity”

2007 Dr. Jorge Canizares-Esguerra (University of Texas-Austin), “Prefiguration and Fulfillment: Biblical Readings of Colonization in the Atlantic World”

2006 Dr. Michael Adas (Rutgers University), “Wary Hegemon: Sources of American Resistance to Globalization”

2005 Dr. Adam McKeown (Columbia University), “Mass Migrations and the Globalization of Borders, 1860-1930”

2004 Dr. Kären Wigen (Stanford University), “Maritime Regions, Asia/Pacific, and the New Map of World History”

2003 Dr. Patrick Manning (World History Center, Northeastern University), “Homo sapiens Populates the Earth: A Provisional Synthesis, Privileging Linguistic Evidence”

2002 Dr. Alfred Crosby (University of Texas), “Humanity and Biological Invasions”

2001 Dr. Jerry Bentley (University of Hawaii), “World History and Grand Narrative”