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Carl Mauelshagen Memorial Award


Awarded to an outstanding graduating history major. Eligibility for the award includes completion of three freshman history survey courses, preferably at Georgia State University, and a minimum grade-point average in upper-level history courses of 3.5. It is awarded to history majors on the basis of nominations from the faculty.


Award Recipients

2011-2012 Phoebe C. Autry
2010-2011 Daniel Horowitz
2009-2010 Kelsey E. Fritz
2008-2009 Athena Smith
2007-2008 Andrew J. Weiss
2006-2007 Brenton M. Anderson
2005-2006 Jeannette Ransom
2004-2005 Vincent J. Jarocki
2003-2004 Brian T. Jennings
2002-2003 Katherine M. Shirley
2001-2002 Malachy Charles Murray
2000-2001 Gregory Allan Gilliam
1999-2000 Jennifer Etherton
1998-1999 Stephen James Fox
1997-1998 Kathy Scarberry Potts
1996-1997 Christopher M. White
1995-1996 Michelle M. Previte
1994-1995 Yeosup Han
1993-1994 Dylan A. Horsley
1992-1993 Julie Louise Hetzel
1991-1992 Carol Lynn Schlenker
1990-1991 Lotta Ann Danielsson
1989-1990 Maysyly Naolu
1988-1989 David B. Freeman
1987-1988 Barry K. Butler
1986-1987 Christine A. Kirkwood
1985-1986 Arthur N. Park
1984-1985 Jeffrey Lynn Martin