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Phi Alpha Theta Award


Awarded to the outstanding graduating history major. Eligibility for the award includes 105 hours of completed coursework, including 24 hours in history, and a minimum grade point average in history courses of 3.5. It is awarded to history majors on the basis of nominations from the faculty.


Award Recipients

2011-2012 Benjamin D. Neal
2009-2010 Brianne M. Wesolowski
2008-2009 Christina Chiknas
2007-2008 Sherry McPeeks
2006-2007 Charles P. Alessi and Zaynab A. Abdul-Razacq
2005-2006 Margaret McClatchey
2004-2005 Craig Lee Bennett
2003-2004 Jill Schonenberg
2002-2003 Wade Hampton Ryan and Ryan Patrick Taylor
2001-2002 Leslie M. Delassus and James Edward Camp
2000-2001 Theresa Ann Starkey
1999-2000 Kim Caroline Trader
1998-1999 Stephen C. Wishart
1997-1998 Margaret Ayla Ercin
1996-1997 Johanna Astrid Rickman
1995-1996 William D. Adkins
1994-1995 Joshua A. Bryan
1993-1994 Jeffey Scott Moore
1992-1993 Raymond A. Puhr
1991-1992 Gregory Schneider
1990-1991 Luann Capreece Cooley
1989-1990 Amanda E. Beck
1988-1989 Walter R. Finch
1987-1988 Richard F. Hill
1986-1987 Barry S. Herrin
1985-1986 Joseph R. White
1984-1985 Dee M. Spears