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Margaret Ewing Endowment for the Enrichment of Research in Family Oral Histories

 Awarded to a graduate student interested in pursuing research on family histories. William Pate, who graduated from Georgia State with a B.A. in Journalism and an M.A. in Communication, established this endowment in memory of his cousin, Margaret Ewing, who had a specific interest in family history and studied the history of the Pate family. In addition this fund allows the History Department to purchase equipment to conduct oral histories.


Award Recipients

2014-2015 Leslie Spencer
2013-2014 Amy Rocamora
2012-2013 Jessica C. Edens
2011-2012 Nathaniel G. Jordan
2010-2011 Stephanie Gagnon
2009-2010 Elizabeth Henry
2008-2009 Lisa Shannon-Flagg