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Harcourt Fuller

Assistant Professor
Ph.D., London School of Economics, 2010
Phone: 404-413-5264

Harcourt Fuller received his Ph.D. from the International History Department at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) in 2010, under the supervision of Odd Arne Westad and Antony Best. His research and teaching interests include the international history of Africa, particularly pre-colonial African kingdoms and empires; the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade; European colonialism in Africa; African nationalism; the Cold War in Africa; and African political economy. Although he teaches survey courses spanning several hundred years of African history, his particular pedagogical emphasis is on the international history of West Africa from the nineteenth century to the present. Moreover, Dr. Fuller’s secondary research interests include the history of slavery, Marronage and ethno-national identity formation in the African Diaspora in Latin America, particularly in Ecuador, Peru, Colombia, and Jamaica.

At GSU, Dr. Fuller’s undergraduate courses include Survey of World History Since 1500 and Western Africa. He plans to introduce other undergraduate, upper-level and graduate courses such as International History of Africa Since 1884; West Africa in World History; Ghana in World History; and a course on the African Diaspora relating to his research in Latin America. Dr. Fuller has also previously taught African and international history courses at Connecticut College, Emmanuel College, Florida International University, and was a Visiting Scholar and Visiting Researcher in the African American Studies Program and African Studies Center, respectively, at Boston University. As a professor, he is committed to the intellectual advancement of all students and his courses incorporate the pedagogical principles embodied in the concept and practice of Experiential Learning.

Dr. Fuller's publications include the co-edited book Money in Africa (London: Trustees of the British Museum, 2009), an article in the refereed journal Nations and Nationalism as well as other print-media. He is currently working on his first monograph on symbolic nationalism in Ghana during the Nkrumah years. He edited and contributed a paper to a special (forthcoming) issue of the peer-reviewed journal Ghana Studies to commemorate the birth centennial of Ghana’s first president. He has also given invited lectures and presented conference papers on his research nationally and internationally. Dr. Fuller is a member of the American Historical Association, the African Studies Association and the Ghana Studies Association. He lives in Avondale Estates with his wife, Dr. Christina Fuller, and young daughter, Kenya.