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Ann Tucker

Visiting Lecturer
Ph.D., University of South Carolina, 2014
phone: 404-413-5262

Ann Tucker studies international influences on the development of nineteenth century US southern nationalism during the antebellum and Civil War period. Her dissertation, "'Newest Born of Nations': Southern Thought on European Nationalism and the Creation of the Confederacy, 1820-1865," argues that Confederates justified the creation of an independent southern nation in part by drawing comparisons between the southern nationalist movement and the liberal nationalist movements sweeping across Europe in the mid-nineteenth century, claiming that the new southern nation resembled new and aspiring European nations and therefore was a legitimate nation. Such an argument built upon antebellum southerners' analysis of nationalist movements in Europe that shaped their sense of their own nationhood throughout the antebellum period, ultimately preparing them to conceive of an independent southern nation. Dr. Tucker received her masters and doctorate from the University of South Carolina.

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