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Affiliated Faculty


Ali, Muhammed Hassan (London, 1983) African history

Biltoft, Carolyn (Princeton, 2009) Twentieth-century world politics; international institutions; conceptions of world order

Blumi, Isa (NYU, 2005) Italian, Ottoman, French, Austrian, and British expansion into Red Sea/Arabia and Albanian-speaking territories from 1800 to 1950

Brattain, Michelle (Rutgers, 1997) U.S./transnational race and science, U.S. labor

Crampton, Jeremy (Penn State, 1994) Politics of space & spatial representation; identity of place

Davidson, Denise (Pennsylvania, 1997) Gender & public space; consumption & leisure; women

Davis, Marni (Emory, 2006) Jewish diaspora; U.S. immigration

Fletcher, Ian Christopher (Johns Hopkins, 1991) Imperialism & social movements in global perspective

Fromherz, Allen (University of St. Andrews, 2006) Africa, Mediterranean, Medieval Islam, gender

Gainty, Denis (Pennsylvania, 2007) Nationalisms, embodiment and body culture, and structure/agency in modern Japan; Japanese empire; and transnational contexts

Guano, Emanuela (Texas, 1999) Modernity; globalization; urban processes & spatial theory

Hudson, Hugh (UNC - Chapel Hill, 1981) Russia; comparative revolutions

Kozaitis, Kathryn (Michigan, 1993) Global-local articulations; ethnicity; immigrants, migrants & refugees

Kuhn, Clifford (UNC - Chapel Hill, 1993) Oral history; Americans overseas after WWII; 20th century South; public history

Laub, Richard (University of Virginia, 1987) Historical preservation in international context

McCreery, David (Tulane, 1973) Latin America; history of work; world commodity chains; frontiers

Patico, Jennifer (NYU, 2001) Consumption and Material Culture; Postsocialism, Globalization and Capitalism; Gender and Feminism; Russia/Postsocialist Europe

Poley, Jared (UCLA, 2001) Cultural & intellectual imperialism; postcolonial theory

Presley, Cora Ann (Stanford, 1986) African history; women in Africa; African diaspora

Reid-Vazquez, Michele (Texas, 2004) Atlantic World; Cuba; 19th century Caribbean and Latin America; African diaspora in Latin America

Reynolds, Douglas (Columbia, 1976) Modern China & Japan; modern Sino-Japanese relations in world perspective

Sehat, David (UNC - Chapel Hill, 2007) Religion and global modernity

Selwood, Jacob (Duke, 2003) Early modern migration within and beyond the British Isles

Skwiot, Christine (Rutgers, 2002) U.S. imperialism; U.S. in comparative & global history

Stewart, Dona (Florida, 1994) Middle East & Islamic world; globalization; cultural change

Umoja, Akinyele (Emory, 1996) African-American history; African diaspora

Youngs, Larry (GSU, 2001) Global cities