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Graduate Student News

2012-2013 Graduate Student News

Joseph Bagley, PhD, presented a paper entitled, "'Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Alabama's Happiness': School Desegregation, the 'Law and Order' Narrative, and Litigating Social Change in Alabama, 1954-75," at the Midwest Political Science Association Annual Conference in Chicago in April, 2013.

Greg Brooking, Ph.D. candidate (ABD), presented "Unacquainted with American and Indian affairs": Governor James Wright and the Proclamation of 1763" at the 2013 British Group in Early American History Annual Conference, East Anglia University, Norwich, United Kingdom. Greg also presented "A most highly coveted post': James Wright and the Making of a Southern Royal Governor at the 2013 British Association of American Studies Annual Conference, University of Exeter, Exeter, Devon, United Kingdom.

Corey Cantrell, M.A. student, presented "'A Personal Victory': An Analysis of the Final Political Triump of Thomas E. Watson in Georgia's 1920 U.S. Senate Election" at the April 2013 AHGSU Graduate Student Conference.

Joseph Floyd, Ph.D. student, presented "'Ghosts of Guale': Spanish Missions, Sugar Houses and the Struggle for Georgia's Colonial Heritage" at he the 2013 Georgia Association of Historians in St. Stimons Island in February 2013. It is due to be published in the October 2013 Georgia Historical Quarterly Journal. Joseph also presented "'The Making of Manana-land': Labor, Tourism, and Empire on the Great White Fleet and Old Spanish Trail" at the April 2013 AHGSU Graduate Student Conference.

Kristina Graves, Ph.D. student, presentation a paper at the April 2013 AHGSU Graduate Student Conference entitled "Stop Taking Our Privileges: The Anti-ERA Movement in Georgia." Kristi is currently working on a paper regarding the transatlantic connections of the British and American suffrage movements, which she hopes to present at a conference in 2014. In November, Kristi will present a lecture at Gordon College on the American suffrage movement from 1848 to 1860.

Donna Hamil, Ph.D. student, presented her paper "Mongol Queen in the Yuan Khanate" at the Southeast World History Association (SEWHA) conference in Atlanta in October, 2012.

Matt Kasper, Ph.D. student, presented a paper entitled "Returning to Marburg to Rethink Martin Luther," at the the Evangelical Theological Society annual meeting in Milwaukee, WI in November 2012. This paper will be incorporated into a volume entitled Reformation Faith: Theology and Exegesis in the Protestant Reformations, which will come out in April 2014.

Barbara Lane, M.A. student, presented her paper titled, "The Execution of Idealism in an Imperfect World: A Study of Slavery through the Literature of Herman Melville" at the Fifth Annual Conference on Power and Struggle at the University of Alabama on March 2, 2013. Barbara also presented her paper, "Emily Inman's Inheritance" during the April 2013 AHGSU Graduate Student Conference.

Tim Miller, M.A. student, presented his paper "The Ulster Plantation" at the April 2013 AHGSU Graduate Student Conference.

Nafeesa Muhammad, Ph.D. student, presented "Perceptions and Experiences in Elijah Muhammad's Economic Program: Voices from the Pioneers," for the Georgia Association of Historians (GAH) in February 2013.

Matthew Myers, Ph.D. candidate (ABD), presented a paper entitled "Surviving the End of Your World: Crisis and Coping in Early Christian Communities," at the Southeast World History Association Conference in Atlanta in October 2012.

Zac Peterson, Ph.D. student, presented "The Better Angels of Our Nature': Lincoln's Abuses of Civil Liberties During the Civil War and Implications for the War on Terror," at the Southern American Studies Association meeting in Charleston, SC in January 2013.

Dylan Ruediger, Ph.D. student, published "The Twin Swords of the Sovereign: Cross-Cultural Killings in Seveteenth-Century English America," in the Spring 2013 issue of the World History Bulletin. Dylan also presented a paper, "Mobility and Colonical Space," at the 2013 Symposium on Critical Geography, Spatial Theory and Everyday Life, and delivered another paper, "Tributary Relations and Colonial Power," at the April 2013 AHGSU Graduate Student Conference. The later paper won the first Larry Youngs award, given to the best paper presented at the confeence. Dylan also served as President of AHGSU.

John Server, M.A. student, presented his paper, "The Dictator on Washington Avenue: Generalissimo Rafael Trujillo and the Unired States" at the April 2013 AHGSU Graduate Student Conference.

Brandi Simpson-Miller, M.A. student, presented "Post Independence Development of National Cuisines in West Africa" at the April 2013 AHGSU Graduate Student Conference.

Sally Stanhope, Ph.D. student, presented Mothering Missions, Civilizing Missions: Girl Guiding in Malaya and Nigeria, at the annual Southeastern World History Association conference at Georgia State University in October 2012. Sally also presented Fascists or Egalitarian Patriots: The Role of Authenticity in the Production of History, at the April 2013 AHGSU Graduate Student Conference.

Lauren MacIvor Thompson, Ph.D. student, presented a paper in July 2013 titled "'[The] inner self need no law': Spiritualism, Women's Rights and Civil Law in Late Nineteenth Century America,' at the Institute of Constitutional History Summer Seminar at Stanford Law School, chaired by Professors Hendrik Hartog and Larry Kramer.

Carrie Whitney, Ph.D. candidate, presented "'Teaching History Through Film': Decolonization Through an African Lens" at the October 2012 Southeast World History Association Conference in Atlanta.

John E. Williams, Ph.D. candidate, presented "Blueprinting Segregation for the Future: Auburn Avenue & the Downtown Connector" at the 2013 Symposium for Critical Geography, Spatial Theory and Everday Life. John also presented "race & Transportation Planning in Post-WWII Atlanta, 1944-1979" at the April 2013 AHGSU Graduate Student Conference and the University of Cincinnati History Department's 10th Annual Queen City Colloquium in Cincinnati, OH. John contributed various introductions to selected articles in United States, Africa, and the World: A History Reader, 2013-2014, a Clark Atlanta University History Department publication.