Integrating Technology into Health & Physical Education


Web Master: Sandra L. Owen
Editors: Ling Lu, Liangliang Zhou
April 5,2005; November 14, 2005

 This website has been created by Health and Physical Education undergraduate students at Georgia State University as  a technology course requirement.  Materials linked below include overheads, power point presentations, web quests, and health & physical education lessons. Any materials on the website can be used with credit given to the appropriate students.

tudent Websites:2003-2004
"Active Instructors"
(Melissa Brown, Donna Thompson, Victor Zerpa)
"Health and PE Preview"
(Bill Hayes, Kevin Strickland, Michele Wicks)
"Health Comes First"
(Angie Charameda, Rachel Hamarman, Corey Rumley)
"Healthy Body"
(Cheryl Burton, Gavin Colquitt, Cameron Hinz, David Jackson)
"Mega Site"
(Salah Abdul-Razacq, Lisa Guadalupe, Mike Findley)
"Physical Educator's Guide to Fit Minds
and Healthy Bodies"

(Patrick Coffield, Steve Hoffman, Richie Lankford, Kyisha Washington)
"Teacher's Pit"
(Isaac Haynes, Chris Shoemake)

"Health Topics"
( Deanna Cromer, Ami Finneqan, Deidre Jones,
John Warhol)

Student Websites:2005
Fitness Fun
( Rusty Bennett, Erin Gill, Christina Paone,
Ryan Sterling)

Live Healthy and Play to Live

( Jamie Goetzinger, Ashley Goodman; Tom Lillis, Erika Russell, Lois Webb)
Teachers of Tomorrow
(Corey Allen, Darius Hodge, John Lewis, Darren Thomas)
Welcome to the Jungle of Life
(Yonas Fessehaye, Brian Kassa, Linsey Shoppe, Ken Striggles)





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