CPR Basics for Life!

Rachel Hamarman

General Health Area: Safety

9th Grade

QCC #45 Topic: First Aid/ Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation. Standard: Demonstrates ability to properly respond to life threatening cardiopulmonary emergencies.

National Health Education Standard # 3

Technology Standards:

Goal Statement: The student appreciates the knowledge of knowing how to do first aid for choking.

Objective Statement: The student will know what to do if a person is choking in an unconscious and conscious state.

Anticipatory Set: I will pass a picture around to the students of a person using the choke signal (both hands around neck with mouth wide open). I will ask them to write down what they think the person is doing in the picture and why they think they are doing it. I will give them no longer then five minutes to write.

Teach Section

Lesson Concepts: In order to do the proper first aid to an infant or adult you need to observe the situation. Is the person conscious or unconscious and is the person an adult or an infant?

Lesson Cues:

Go over CPR for adults. I will go over the three steps of call, blow, and pump. Also, go over basics like tilt head back and listen for any breathing.

Go over CPR for Children. If alone give child one minute of CPR before calling for help. Use the heel of one hand for chest compressions. Press sternum down one to one and a half inches. And finally give one full breath followed by five chest compressions.

Go over CPR for infants. I would go over the shout and tap, opening the airway, two gentle breaths and five compressions.

Finally, inform them that there is also ways to help choking victims if they are conscious and go over that with them.

Teacher Modeling: The students will be randomly grouped into groups of 3 and placed at a computer. The groups will be given a sheet with questions they need to answer about first aid for choking. The questions will allow them to go on web sites that I have listed for them on the back of the sheet of paper. All of them will have their own sheet to write down their own answers but they will work together finding the answer the questions. Having them all have to write down answers will ensure that they are all taking part in the activity. The questions that I will ask are:

Can you go to any web site you want to?

Is one person writing down the answers?

Students Activity: The model I used is inquiry model. The student activity I chose was a group activity because working well with others is a good quality to have. It gives them the opportunity to express themselves and also it is just fun to work with others. I chose to use the computer for the studentís activity to integrate the computers into my lesson. There are so many great web sites on the web about CPR/first aid for choking victims and it just seemed like they should see what is on the web. Choking is something that happens so often so they are at an age where they should be able to know how to perform CPR. The students are in the 9th grade so the activity is stage and age appropriate. It goes into a QCC standard. The materials needed would be a pencil, papers I hand out, and ten computers for the groups.

Closure: The closure will happen with the students in their normal seats. I will ask a variety of questions about the student activity. An example question is why is it so important for a person to know how to perform CPR or first aid for choking victims? I would also ask if anyone would like to share some other information that they found at the web sites.

Evaluation: The evaluation will be done on the computers in the same groups. They will not have any notes of any sort in front of them. They will be asked to go to CPR links on the web site: http://depts.washington.edu/learncpr/. From there they are to choose the first link Less Stress. They will be asked to choose one of the simulators to do. They will be asked to follow the simulator and choose the answers they feel are right. It will carry the students through an actual situation in which CPR would be needed. When they are finished they will be asked to write a brief paragraph in response to the evaluation. I will be walking around to see if they are participating in the activity. The students will receive a participation grade.

Re-teach Section: I used task analysis. Students will be given notes that they will have to copy that will go over what was taught during the lesson. They will then be given a paper/pencil quiz at the end to see if they got the information the second time around.

Sources Used: