Goal Statement: Students will understand that alcohol use can cause blurred vision and poor coordination.


Objective Statement:  The students will write a summary based on how the two activities fit in towards alcohol use.


Anticipatory Set:  The class will divide into groups of 3-4.  Each group will be given a pair of goggles with plastic wrap, in which the plastic wrap is really wrinkled.  One student from each group will put on the goggles and be asked to read a sentence on the board from a certain distance.  The rest of the group will write down what that person said and see how close that person came to reading the sentence correctly. 


Teach Section:

Lesson concept:  In order to avoid blurred vision and poor coordination, then it is not essential to consume any alcohol.


Lesson Cues:

Blurred Vision

Poor Coordination

Speech Impairment


Lack of Balance

Teacher Modeling:  Have a few students volunteer to catch the ball as you throw it to them. Play catches with the students for a minute or two. Now ask the students to spin around 10 times fast, then squint their eyes. As the students finish spinning begin throwing the balls to the students and ask them to throw the balls accurately back to you. (It is usually quite difficult for them to accurately throw the ball at this point.)

Student Activity:  This action-oriented activity will be presented over the next 15-20 minutes.  At the 8th grade level students are very aware of how alcohol can really have an affect on their vision and their coordination.  Students will only need a paper and pencil and a recollection of how alcohol affects their bodies. 

Closure:  The students will have two other people, whether their parents, classmates, friends, etc. and will have them perform the activity themselves.  After having two other people performing the activity, the students will write a summary based on their observation and compare it to what they experienced during the activity in class.

Evaluation:  Students will take a quiz (4 M/C and one short answer) to see how well they were able to absorb while experiencing and observing the activity and the main focus on this lesson. 

1.      How long does one drink last in your body?

a.      30 minutes

b.      1 hour

c.       1 hour and 15 minutes

d.      2 hours

2.      What two senses are most affected when consuming alcohol?

a.      Vision and Coordination

b.      Vision and Memory

c.       Coordination and Memory

d.      Memory only 

Re-teach:  This action-oriented activity will be presented over the same amount of time as the initial student activity.  However, these students will be using peer-helpers.  The students will pair up, and compare their observations and analyze the effects of their individual observation. 


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