Planning A School Menu

By Isaac Haynes


    Do you like your school's cafeteria food?  Why do they serve foods they serve?  Would you like to plan the school's menu for one day?  You will be the school's expert on food selection, menu planning, and grocery shopping.


1.    You will have teams of three students each.

2.    You will choose one of the roles described below:

    a.  Cafeteria Manager-- Make sure that you have all food groups on the menu.  Make sure

         that you have enough of each food group.  Buy the grocery.

    b.  The Cook-- Prepare the food in a way that most students will like it.

    c.  The Student-- Give the Cafeteria Manager and the Cook ideas about what most

         students like.  Also tell them how most students like their food cooked.


1.    Using play food, choose a healthy menu for breakfast, snacks, lunch, and supper and do

       a show and tell for the class.

2.    Go grocery shopping with $15 to spend; buy foods from each group and plan a menu

       with the foods you bought.

3.    Prepare and share the foods that are on your menu.


1. Food pyramid:

2. The dark side of fast foods:

3. School Lunch:


    Each student will be graded individually for their part in the assignment.  The group will be given a grade as a whole.  This project is worth 100 points (25 individual and 75 group).

1.    Organization and neatness of material will be worth 25 points.

2.    Cooperation with others in group will be evaluated. 25 points

3.    Use of internet web site. Two web resources are required.  50 points


1.    Did you choose foods from each group?
2.    Can you help your family choose a healthy diet?
3.    Will you choose better foods next time you are at a restaurant or
        fast food place?
4.    Will you choose different foods to eat now?
5.    How would you change the foods that you choose to eat?
6.    What eating habits will you change?