One of our teachers just had a heart attack, inside of the classroom and during the middle of the day.  There was no equipment (first aid, emergency phone or button) available and no one could administered first aid or CPR.  The teacher died shortly after the initial attack.  As sixth graders you are to work as a team and develop a first aid and CPR program for the school.  Part of your program is to include training you classmates in first aid and CPR.  Also, your program should identify, cost out, and seek permission for purchase of necessary equipment. 

Task: Design Task

    Your team is comprised of the following 4 roles.  For each specialist; one will be the program coordinator, one will someone who would contact an agency to identify some resources, one will identify the necessary cost of equipment, and the last one will be coming up with a first aid/CPR plan for the school, like a special code.   

Special Team 1: First Aid (Basics like cuts, injuries, etc.)

Special Team 2: CPR (Choking; conscious and unconscious)

Special Team 3: CPR (Breathing)

Special Team 4: First Aid (EMT)

Everyone must work together to successfully accomplish the task.  This means that even though every person has one specific job, they should also help out and provide links of research from their own perspective and what their role would be in these types of situations.  Everyone will be participating in the activity/presentation in order to teach their fellow classmates the safety and concepts for whatever situation they have. 


Here are some things that you need to think about when planning your presentation to your fellow classmates.

1. What kind of safety issues could be involved when providing for First Aid/CPR?

2. How do I help keep the people around me as calm as possible?

3. Are there any types of hazards that I need to be aware of?  If so, what are they and why?

4. What kind of links do I need to provide when providing this type of information to my classmates?

5. How many links am I require to have for my part of the group?

6. How do we organize all of this into a presentation?

7. Do we need to get other people involved besides our classmates, like teachers and parents?

Here are some resources to help you all when gathering information for your group:

Addition internet sources is reasonable just as long as it relates to your topic and that is beneficial to your group's presentation, especially when you present this type of information to your fellow classmates.


Ask yourself if you have completed your part of the assignment for the group?  Did the rest of your group members complete their assignments and with efficiency?

The Criteria for this will be as follows:

100 points, 20 points per student (Total)

20 points - The presentation was clear to your classmates and that you gave them enough information that they could understand and take with them outside of school.

10 points - Rough Draft Summary from all of the people that was in your group.  Information that they gathered and put it in all in a draft.

30 points - Final Draft Summary of your group's research work.

20 points - Use of internet sites.  You must have copies of the web sites that you used in your draft and presentation.  You must have at least two internet sources.

20 points - Group evaluation of your group.  Did everyone in your group do their part of the assignment pretty efficient?  Did everyone in your group participated in the assignment, including the research and their part of the presentation?


When you get to this part of the section, then you and your group should be done with everything that you were suppose to have done.  Once you have completed your part of the assignment, then answer the following questions.

1.  How much information did you retain from the internet?

2.  How much do you think this assignment for First Aid/CPR will benefit your fellow classmates?

3.  Did you enjoy working with others?  Why or why not?

4.  What did you learn from this assignment/project?

5.  In your own opinion, what did you think of this assignment/project?

6.  Would you do another assignment/project like this again in the future?

7.  How beneficial do you think it will be now for students to know and understand the basics of First Aid/CPR?


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