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As we all know this whole country is getting fat and its starting at a younger and younger age.  We need to do something that can change our outlook on being fit and our overall terrible nutritional habits.  Kennesaw is a prime example for this with its lazy southern ways of living and especially our fried appetites.  What we need to do is set up an after school and weekend "fun center" that is exempt of fried everything and especially video games. 


What we are trying to get out of all of this is a place where kids will want to go to because it will fun.  We dont want this program to seem like a task or a camp.  It should be looked at as a hangout, and without the kids really knowing it we can strive to pursue an overall healthy outlook on life.  This is going to take everybody in the town.  Some kids will have to help make this fun, parents will have to set good examples and volunteer to "chaperone" these programs and our school administrators will have to work to promote this.  Our type task for this webquest is to persuade children that living healthy now will pay off later. 



 As a student your job is to make this program seem like a fun thing to do. 

        You can make flyers, or make it seem like a club.  Basically just use your imagination and give reasons why this choice of being healthy can make a difference. lifestyle1.html Health-Benefits.htm

As a parent your job is to educate yourself on what works best for children in terms of being fit.  Also you will need to learn and display a healthy way of eating.  Each of these topics need to be "beaten" into the childrens heads at the program.  Do your own research on how to make fitness and healthy lifestyles fun in a childs point of view. 11.03.article.html

As a school administrator your job is put together programs at the school to promote this program.  You can instruct your Health and P.E. teachers to encourage this program.  Also you can arrange speakers to come to the school to promote healthy lifestyles and help promote the program.  Also as an administrator use your power bring speakers or influential people to the program. speakers/speakers-main.htm

Always remember to ask yourself what would encourage me to do get into something like this.  What do you as a student think would motivate you to engage in such a program?


During the process, make sure you...

Provide reliable information.

Make the material interesting to your audience.

Include persuasive material that will appeal to students.

Provide fun material that is also educational without making the program seem like a task.


What can you as a student and most importantly as a person take out of this program to better your life style?

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