Genital Herpes      

A Web quest by Rusty Bennett

9th grade



    Recently in the small town of Pleasantville, Tennessee there was an outbreak of Genital Herpes at Happy Day High School.  This town is not known for unorthodox behavior, and is known for always doing the right thing.  They are a very religious city who thrives on the idea of teaching and raising their children to obey the bible.  They want their children to live a life which is full of enjoyment and follow the beliefs of the local church.  When the news hit the town about the outbreak of Herpes, they were in shock because nothing like this has ever been a problem in their town.  The idea that their children might have been having pre-marital sex, or any type of sexual activity has brought about an uproar around the community, and the local mayor has called a meeting at the church to discuss this problem with the residents of the town.

You are a group of experts trained in the field of Sexually Transmitted Diseases with an expertise in the field of Genital Herpes.  The local Mayor has brought you in to discuss the effects and symptoms of Herpes to the community, and what my have caused this outbreak.  As experts in the field your role will be to explain both the positives and negatives of genital herpes to the group.  You will research the (2) sides to help calm down the community outrage. 

The Task:

    You are assigned to talk with the community about the outbreak of Genital Herpes they have.  The two of you will pick either the negative side or the positive side of genital herpes. 

    You may choose the side you want.  Each of you will gather your own information, and when you are finished then you will come together with your partner to put together a presentation to give to the community.  The two students will put together a brochure highlighting the important information about Genital Herpes that the community needs to know about.   The two of you will develop a video presentation showing the signs and symptoms the parents can look for in the future to show at the conclusion of the community meeting.

The Process:

    When you get with your partner decide who will be on the positive side and who will be on the negative side. Once you have chosen which side you will be researching begin finding out information.  The following is what you will need to be looking for:

1.  Positive:  Find information pertaining to the cures for Genital Herpes. This would mean get information on the treatments and cures for it. Let the community know that this STD is controllable. 

    Here are some good websites for the positive side of Genital  Herpes.

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2.  Negative:  Find information on the causes of Genital Herpes.  Look for the dangers caused by it, and also find information on the signs and symptoms of genital.  You want them to know that this is serious and what Genital herpes will do to them.

        Here are some good websites:






    You will be graded on the following:

    25 points= Brochure.  The teacher will be looking for knowledgeable information, Creativity, Neatness.  This means no last minute preparations. Take your time.

    25 points=Video.  You will be graded on the ability to speak clearly, and the audience can understand you.  The teacher will be looking for knowledge of material.  The more creative the video the better the grade.

    20 points=Research.  Each student will hand in a typed page of the information they found.  It can be done bullet style, but must be typed.  Also you will turn in a works cited page with all of your resources.  At least 5-7 resources are required.

    30 points=Presentation.  The teacher will be grading you on your ability to inform your fellow students.  Clear Speech, knowing the information, and presenting a quality presentation on your topic.


   Throughout this website you will learn a lot about Genital Herpes.  What can you do to prevent you and your friends from contracting this disease?  What information about the STD did you learn that you already did not know?  By working with a partner was it easier to complete the assignment?  Did your partner put in the effort to make a quality presentation?  If you could do one thing to help prevent the spread of Genital Herpes, what would it be?