Teenage Pregnancy

 By: Erin Gill

High School Health Class


At E.E.G. High School, there is a large percentage of female students who become pregnant before their senior year.  Many of these girls do not know how to handle being pregnant, given their age.  As a teenage student you are faced with the challenge of being sexually active at a young age.  This is a crucial time in which you can be influenced by the lives of many susceptible young men and women.  It is your responsibility to understand that sex leads to teenage pregnancy.  In order to prevent teenage pregnancy at E.E.G. High School you need to put together a plan in order to achieve the ultimate goal.  A safe end to teenage pregnancy.


The first task is to choose two other classmates who will be your crisis partners for this project.  One person is going to play the female, one student will be the male, and the third student will be the friend, parent, or teacher in which this young couple shares their secret with.  Each one of you will have a very different role.  You will investigate the different roles of each character. You will then put together a skit, short video, or presentation to present in front of your peers in class.


1.  Below you will find information on different websites that will further explain the important role each of you will play.  Take all the notes that you need, and print any information that will add to your project.





www.teenpregnancy.org/ | 

(If there are any questions, discuss the situation with your crisis group.  Remember this is a life long commitment that you will have to handle).

(If you need help; contact your babysitter, aka teacher).

2.  These websites should have enlightened you a little bit more on the role you are playing in the crisis of teenage pregnancy.  Take the time to discuss with your crisis group all of the information that you have collected.

3. Next brain storm ideas for your project.  Include the answers to the following questions:

Female:  As the pregnant teen, how do you feel?

              Will you continue your education through high school, college, marriage?

              Who will provide care for your infant while you are away?

              Do you have the basic skills to care for an infant?  If not, where can

              you go for assistance?

Male:      As the father of a new child, how do you feel?

              How could you have prevented this situation?

              How will you support this infant?

              Do you feel like you can continue on with your future plans you once had

              or will they change now?

Friend:   How will you assist this young couple?

              Will you keep this a secret or share it with others?  If so, who?

              Do you plan on being a part of this couples lives?

              Do you think the couple should get married, leave one another, or what

             advice do you offer?    


    The three team members will be graded equally.  Remember this is a

    commitment that every one plays a role in.  The project grade will be out of 100.

    Creativity:                      25 points

    Class presentation:         25 points

    Accurate information:   25 points

    Group Cooperation:        25 points


    The questions should be answered in a two to four page paper.  Each individual is

    responsible for submitting their own paper.  The papers are worth 75 points.  The

    total assignment is worth 175 points.



    Now that the project has been presented, please answer the following question:

    Do you think it is important to remain abstinent and why?