Stop the Violence         


Clearwater, Georgia  is a growing urban community that is extremely diverse.  In the past year there has been development of gangs in the area. Recently, a young boy named Tommy who was 7 was on his way home from school.  He was walking by and saw  two high school gangs fighting. A gun was shot...... in the midst of the gang battle, the boy was accidentally shot and died. There was a town meeting to discuss the event and how to end   gangs in the area. This tragic event caused the community to take action.  They decided to create an organization in honor of Tommy to get rid of gangs in the area .  The organization is called Unite because the community realizes that everyone has to work together in order to get rid of gangs.  Unite consist of parents, teachers, law enforcement, and students.

You are a part of the Unite team and are trying to find information on how to stop gangs in your area.  Your job is to find ways each role (4 roles) can decrease the gangs in your area. 

                                                                                                    Task: Scientific Task

Each member in the group needs to pick a different role in the Unite team.  There are 4 different roles so each one of you should have a different role from the other.  Research the strategies and responsibilities each role has in decreasing school gangs in Clearwater, Georgia.  Each group member needs to pick one of the following roles:

1) The Parents
2) The Teachers
3) Law Enforcement
4)  The Students

Research your characters' role in helping to stop school gangs.  Each of the characters have specific responsibilities  in order to help stop this terrible problem of school gangs.  Research the roles that your character plays in decreasing gangs.  Students will combine their found research and create a poster board displaying the different roles each character plays in decreasing school gangs.  In addition, students will present and explain their poster board to the class.  Communicate well while your researching to make sure you are getting different information from your group.

                                                                                                            The Process:

Statistics show that urban areas are at higher risk of school gangs than other areas.  How can we decrease this statistics in Clearwater? 

Think about your characters and the roles they play in the community.  Put yourself in their position.  Take in count of the area.  What are the resources in the community that can be used?  What are the disadvantages of the area?  Find information that suites your area and make sure to discuss your research with your group. 

The following are some good website you can use to find information on your subject.  Don't limit yourself to these sites.

**The Parents:

**The Teachers:

**Law Enforcement:

**The Students:


You will be grading on the following:

Research= 60 points- each person will be graded upon the role they researched.  You should have at least 5 examples of ways your role can help decrease school gangs.  Each person needs to hand in a written description of the information on his/her role.  It should be at least one page double spaced.

Poster board= 25 points- the group will work on this together.  Gather all your information and create a poster board.  You will need all your information on it ( use bullets to save space), have some pictures.

Presentation= 15 points- the group will present their information to the class.  Explain the situation and the resolution you came up with as a group to stop school gangs.  Each person will present his/her research.

This webquest is a total of 100 points

Do your best work!!


You are now finished creating a gang prevention organization program!  I hope you had fun and learned about gang prevention.  Please answer these question the following question:

 Did you learn anything about school gangs? 

Do you feel it is important to have school gang prevention organizations?

What are some ways you learned on how to decrease school gangs?

Did you feel this assignment was helpful toward the knowledge of school gangs?

Do you have any suggestions to make this assignment better in the future?