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11th Grade Tournament Simulation                      

by Victor Zerpa                         




            Now that we have completed our unit on team sports, you all have earned the design task of planning a tournament event.  You will choose the sport for the tournament, decide on facilities and equipment, and create a schedule of play.  This will be an excellent opportunity for you all to demonstrate what kind of teamwork skills and project management skills you possess.  We have two weeks to complete this task so let’s get right to it!




            The task of planning and organizing a sporting tournament is large and involved.  You will work in groups of 5 students.  Each group will be responsible for all the necessary arrangements of organizing a tournament event.  First off, each group will decide on the sport that will be played.  Each group will present their proposal to the class and students will be able to give feedback on the thoughtfulness of the proposal and the feasibility of conducting it in the way stated.  To facilitate matters, each student in the group will be assigned a specific duty.  The duties include:


-Officiating and record keeping:  This person will be responsible for determining how many officials will be needed, where to find them, and how to schedule them.  Always keeping in mind that these are human resources, who may have unforeseen circumstances arise, making it difficult or impossible for them to adhere to the schedule.  For this reason contingency plans will have to be designed and prepared for.


-Facilities and equipment:  This individual will analyze the expected participation rate for the event and plan the number of playing fields accordingly.  This individual will also ensure that sufficient equipment is on hand for all the scheduled matches as well as surpluses for damaged equipment or contingency plans for how to handle such situations.


-First aid and safety:  This individual will be responsible for making sure there are adequate safety personnel on hand to handle any unfortunate accidents.  This task of planning proper and adequate water supplies would also fall under the duties of this individual.


-Advertising and media:  This individual would be responsible for getting the word out about the tournament.  In order to have a successful event we would need athlete and spectator participation.  The method of communicating the event information as well as the content of the communication will be this person’s responsibility.


-Event scheduling:  This individual would have the daunting task of scheduling the various pairings and best possible match-ups to ensure a fair and exciting competition.  A method of advancement and elimination would have to be decided on and implemented.


Everyone must communicate while doing the research because much of the work will be of interest to more than one duty specialist.  For instance, the student in charge of officiating and record keeping will have to coordinate with the facilities and equipment person to determine how many officials will be needed based on the number of expected matches at any given time.





To help you through this process, here are a few questions that you should keep in mind when planning this event.

          1.  If a team sport is selected, will boys and girls play on the same team?

          2.  Could we accommodate all the students if they all decided to participate?

          3.  Will our group meet outside of class to get the research done?

4.  Do the activities planned require that students have their parents sign  

     permission slips?

5.  Will any security personnel be needed on-site?

6.  Do we have a “worst case scenario” contingency plan for weather and injury


7.  Does the school’s nurse’s office have adequate supplies or should we acquire


8.  Will we need to borrow or rent any additional equipment than what we already


9.  How many matches will we need to schedule to determine an eventual winner?

        10.  How will we advertise the event to parents and members of the community? 

        11.  What kind of award will we have for the eventual winner?  How much will

               that cost?


Here are some web sites that could be of use when researching the information for this tournament event.


Officiating and record keeping:;;


Facilities and equipment:


First aid and safety:;;


Advertising and media:;


Event scheduling:;;;



Resources:  In addition to the websites already provided, you may search websites that you come across on your own.  Any newspapers, magazines, books, television programs, or experts can be used as sources of additional information.  If interviewing an expert, it would be a good idea to seek out nurses, doctors, physical education teachers, coaches, athletes, psychologists, public relations personnel, and/or police officers.  Use your imagination when solving problems you come across.





Before you turn in the proposal ask yourselves:  Has everyone in the group accomplished their specified duties to completion?  Is the group confident that everyone did their best work planning this tournament?


Each student will receive an individual grade based on 100 points. 


Criteria for grades:

     1.  A rough draft of tournament details will be due one week from today, Tuesday

          April 29th. (20 points)

     2.  Completed project:  overall content and thoroughness of presentation, due Tuesday

          May 6th. (40 points)

     3.  Peer evaluation of individual contribution.  Each member will evaluate the other

          members on how well that individual worked with the rest of the group and how

          much of a contribution he/she made.  Due May 6th. (20 points)

     4.  Organization and neatness of submitted proposal. (10 points)

     5.  Reference list.  At least three internet sources must be cited for each duty work

          group. (10 points)


The final draft must include:

Officiating and record keeping- details on acquiring the officiating crew, copy of proposed score card.

Facilities and equipment- a blueprint for the intended layout of the grounds and how it will accommodate all the matches.  Also, a list of all necessary equipment and the plan for acquiring it, if not already in the school's possession, must be presented. 

First aid and safety- a detailed contingency plan for handling unforeseen injuries, and the location where such injuries would be treated.

Advertising and media:  a sketch of any proposed print advertisements (flyers, poster boards), as well as any written communications (permission slips, sign-up sheets, etc.).

Event scheduling- the tournament system, whether it is round robin or single elimination, etc, and details on how to keep track of the teams as they advance.


Also, a comprehensive web site reference list and resource list of any other resources used, along with an estimated budget for the entire event.




It now appears that you are just about ready to run through the motions of organizing your Tournament Simulation.  Each student, please answer the following questions as truthfully as possible.


1.  Do you feel like you had enough information to make this event a reality?

2.  Was working on a team enjoyable and beneficial?  Why or why not?

3.  What did you learn about organizing a tournament?

4.  What suggestions, if any, do you have for someone doing this project in the future?