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Fifth Grade Fitness Game by Donna Thompson


Now that you are fifth graders and as the saying goes "fifth graders rule the school", you have earned the task of creating the official Thompson Elementary School fitness game.  This "rules the school" because you will be teaching your special fitness game to all of the students at Thompson Elementary.  You have been chosen because of your outstanding leadership in each of our physical education classes at this school.  As a reward for your hard work, you have been selected to be a part of this very special fitness game group.


The task of creating the official school game requires that your group work very closely together to design and promote your game to the school. The game must consist of a cardio-respiratory component, an upper body flexibility component and a lower body flexibility component.  The game must be able to be performed in the classroom and be appropriate for ages K-5.  In order to make the promotion of this game successful, you will also be given special assignments.  Roles will consist of: Exercise Teacher:  To teach fitness game to teachers and students; Sales Specialist:  Make proposal to school administrators; Communications Specialist:  Advertise and promote game to the school.


What things need to be done in order for the fitness game to be successful and accepted by our school?

1.  How do I know what are good, safe exercises for cardio-respiratory and flexibility?

2.  How do I know what exercises are appropriate for grades K-5?

3.  How much room is needed for our exercise and can the classroom accommodate our fitness game?

4.  How will we go about teaching the students our game?

5.  How will we get the principal's approval and support?

6.  How can we get the teachers to actively participate?

7.  How can we get the students and parents excited about the game?

8.  How will we advertise and promote our game? 

Use books, magazines, internet articles and expert advise to design your fitness game. Here are a few ideas for websites and advice to help you get started.

Exercise Teacher:  Check with the Physical Education teacher for ideas about the proper exercises and approval. Go to (Click on Health Website, scroll down to physical activity box and review related links)

Communication Specialist:: Check with the media specialist for help.

Sales Specialist: Check with the media specialist for help or with your teacher. 


You earned the privilege of designing and promoting the fitness game for the school as a reward for your leadership in the physical education classroom so a grade will not be issued for this assignment but you still need to ask yourself if everything has been completed for your special assignment.

1.  The exercise must be approved in writing by the principal and physical education teacher before any advertising.

2.  A written plan must be presented by Monday, April 28, explaining how the fitness game is going to be taught to all of the classes.

3.  All advertisements must be finished and in place by Monday, April 14th.

4.  A list of all references used needs to be turned in on Monday, April 28th.


1.  What exercises promote cardio-respiratory fitness?

2.  What exercises promote flexibility?

3.  What did you like about working in a group?

4.  Would you have done anything differently?

5.  What did you learn about advertising?

6.  What did you learn about selling a product or idea?

7.  What resources were most helpful to you?