Ashley Goodman
7th Grade Restaurant 
Maker !!




Eating healthy is the key for your mind and body to work properly.  In order to eat healthy, you need to know about the food guide pyramid.  We will talk about the food guide pyramid and how to eat healthy from this guide.  At home, what kinds of food do you eat?  Do you eat fast food?  How often do you eat junk food?  We have to take all these into consideration.  It's ok to eat fast food and junk food some of the time, but for the majority of the time we need to eat from the vegetable, fruit, grain, meat and dairy group. 

I am going to make this easy for you to eat healthy on a regular basis.  It's fun, less expensive and healthy for your bones, body and over all health.   You are going to have a restaurant and in your restaurant you are going to make up your own menu.  When your project is complete, you will have several easy-to-make recipes and menus for you and your family. 


Each student will learn how to run a restaurant.  Each student will learn how the menu should look to accommodate all of its customers.  Your menu needs to have all the food guide pyramid groups included and the prices included.  Make sure the prices are good and not to expensive. 

You are going to come up with your own restaurant name.  You are going to be in groups of five or six.  One person is going to be the owner of the restaurant.  The second person is going to be the manager, while a third student will act as the menu designer.   You will decide who will be chef, and who will organize and handle the money.   What is the name of your restaurant?  What kind of food do you serve?  It can be any kind of food you want but it has to be healthy.  Make one recipe to put up in your restaurant for people to look at.  The websites listed below will help you make a recipe for the food you decide to serve. 

You are to read at least FOUR of the five websites about nutrition before you start to make your menu. 


First you are going to look up on the internet for the food guide pyramid.  You are going to research eating healthy (nutrition).  Jot down on a sheet of paper what foods that are healthy so you can incorporate them into your menu.  This is a group decision.  (Use of food guide pyramid and knowledge of nutritious food:  20 points)

Second, I want you to establish who is going to be the owner, manager, menu designer, chef, and money organizer.  Everyone needs to work together on the restaurant.   I want everyone to put there heads together and create this project as a team.  Part of your grade depends on team participation.  (Participation:  15 points)

Third, I want you to create a name for your restaurant.  Then I want you to decide on how much money you need to start this business of owning a restaurant.  (This amount is your own team perspective.) You need money for food, money for tables and chairs, money for your employees, money for your cash register, etc.  (Restaurant/management: 30 points)

Fourth, I want you to make up a menu.  I want food included and the prices of the food.  If you have an hamburger on the menu remember to add French fries or a salad.  If you have a salad on the menu remember to write out exactly what is in the salad.  Be descriptive and thorough! Make your menu attractive.  Your menu (one per group) will be presented to the class on presentation day.  (Menu:  30 points)

Fifth, I want you to write up a recipe for one of the items on your menu. You can get the recipe out of a book, the internet, at home or from any where else you can find a recipe.  You do not have to make one up....but you may if you want to.  Remember: You may use the internet websites listed below for recipe making.  (Recipe:  15 points) 

Sixth, present your project to the class.  You can present any way you want.  Be creative!  Posters, props, (shoeboxes work great), video, clay/play dough models, skits, dress-up, interviews, etc.  I am leaving the creativity up to you.  (Group presentation: 40 points)

Here are the websites for nutrition:  (some websites may include recipes or menu's)

Here is the websites for the food guide pyramid

Here are the websites for the menu and restaurants:

Here are the websites for the recipe


Project is worth 150 points

30-points:  Restaurant name/Management

15-points: for the recipe

15-points:  Team Participation

20-points:  Using the food guide pyramid/Nutrition

30-points:  for the menu

40-points:  for the presentation


The goal for the restaurant maker project is to come up with your own healthy eating habits.  Students will use the food guide pyramid, the nutrition websites and notes/handouts provided in class.  Students will learn how to work together while owning a restaurant.  The recipes and menus from all groups will be compiled for the students to take home to their families.  The hope for this lesson is for the students to make these meals at home to be enjoyed with other family members.  This is a great hands-on activity to help incorporate a healthy lifestyle.