Reaching New Heights in High School

11th Grade Web Quest
By Erika Russell




There are a couple of major issues that we, the School Administration, feel are crippling the success of our high school students.  We have tried to reach you, the students; however, we feel as though are efforts are ignored and disregarded.  It is our hope that you, the members of the Student Government, can relay the important findings to your peers in the hope that they will listen to you, their friends. Orientation for the incoming students and their parents is fast approaching.  We would like for the Student Government to present its findings in the form of a PowerPoint Presentation during the meeting and in a Pamphlet that parents can take with them and review with their children.  The major issues that are affecting the student body are drug use and abuse, bullying and gang violence, suicide and stress, sexually transmitted diseases, and lastly obesity and decreased physical activity.  We need you to gather data and compile statistics as to the prevalence of these issues with adolescence, as well as share information on warning signs that parents can look for.

The Task

We need the Student Government to convey the critical information to the parents of the incoming students at the Orientation gathering.  This task is a Compilation Task that will require you to gather information from a variety of resources and merge your findings into one presentation. The PowerPoint Presentation coupled with the Pamphlet should help to inform our community of the seriousness of these issues.  There are five areas of concern that each of you, the five members of the Student Government, can tackle.  Each of you can select one issue and compile data and statistics from an assortment of reliable resources. You will then present all of your findings together in one presentation and in one informational pamphlet to educate the parents.  The five issues are as follows:

  • Drug Use and Abuse
  • Bullying and Gang Violence
  • Suicide and Depression
  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases
  • Obesity

Once substantial and reliable data have been collected, you will then organize the information into a fluid and informative PowerPoint Presentation that captures and holds the attention of the intended audience.  You will then reconfigure the information so that it can be displayed in Pamphlets.

The Process

Today's teens are bombarded with peer pressure to do things that are detrimental to their health.  Not only must they thwart off their friends, but they must fight the temptations so glamorously flaunted in various forms of media.  Drug use, sexual activity, gang violence, suicide, and obesity are some of the major issues affecting your quality of life.  We need your assistance to impart this knowledge to the parents of your friends--members of our school community.

Each of you will select an area to research.  Be sure to include the key findings and the latest information regarding your area of research.  Keep in mind that you only have a limited amount of time for your presentation and a limited amount of space for the pamphlet so be sure and include the information that is most pertinent, such as the key findings.  Remember the "Wow" factor; let's include information that will make the parents wake up and pay attention!

  1. Drug Use

 2.    Sexual Activity

3.    Bullying and Gang Violence

  4.    Suicide and Depression

  5.    Obesity and Decreasing Physical Activity

Additional Resources


The grade for this activity will be a group grade. This assignment is worth 100 points.  It is critical that the you, the Student Government, work together to achieve the desired outcome.  Though each of you has a separate area of research, it is important that you work together and provide insight and assistance to those that might be off-track.  The end presentation should be cohesive and in-sync; it should seem as though the entire presentation was drafted by one person.

  • 20 points → Research
    • All of the information gathered for each of the research areas will contribute to this grade.  Each researcher must find eight pieces of pertinent information.  This should not be a problem as each of the areas are broad; therefore, there is plenty of information to find. Each of the eight pieces of pertinent information should be placed on individual note cards (each person should have 8 note cards).  The note cards will assist with forming the PowerPoint Presentation.
  • 40 points → PowerPoint Presentation
    • The finished PowerPoint Presentation will be worth 40 points.  The presentation must consist of 22 slides including the title slide and the credits slide.  The remaining 20 slides should be equally divided between the five areas of research.  Animation, color scheme, and slide layout should follow the guidelines established in class.
  • 40 points → Pamphlet
    • The finished Pamphlet will be worth 40 points.  The Pamphlet should be informative and attractive to the eye.  The grade will be highly dependent on the organization of the information and basic design elements such as color scheme, use of pictures, and the layout.

* We, the Administration, have been extremely pleased with the content and layout of the posters and flyers that the Student Government have designed and displayed around the school so far this school year.  The format that has been used has been quite professional and most certainly appropriate and informative.  We recommend that you use the same format  for both the PowerPoint and the Pamphlet.  We are positive that your design will be wonderful. We look forward to viewing the finished product.


This Web Quest should educate each Student Government member on some of the dangers facing adolescents.  What information about any of the areas of research was unknown to you prior to conducting the research?  How does the internet help with gathering data?  How were the group dynamics, and how did they affect presenting the material?  How does completing this assignment benefit you as an adolescent?  What changes would you make to this assignment (i.e. changing the areas of research, or websites, etc.)