Are Kids Still Hungry After Lunch Time?

 5th Grade

By: Lois Webb


Are some of your students still complaining about being hungry after lunch time?

How can we (teachers) make sure students are eating their lunches?

How can we (teachers) make sure food being served is healthy for the students?

What vitamins from foods can be added to a lunch to make sure that the lunch is healthy?

Lets design a menu to ensure that all students are getting a well balanced lunch.


First, we must see why students are not getting enough food at lunch time. Secondly, we need to design a menu that is appealing to students, and has all the essential vitamins and minerals needed for students to maintain a well balanced diet.


The class will be divided into five groups. Each group will have a team leader. The group leader will make sure all group members keep a recorded on a breakfast and lunch menus daily. Each group needs to research the five food groups, to ensure that vitamins and minerals from the five food groups are incorporated in the daily log. All of the five food groups are required to be in the breakfast and lunch menus. Each group must present their daily log  to the class, explaining what foods were included, which vitamins and minerals each food contain, and what  benefits each vitamin and mineral contain listed from the menu. Students are permitted to use visual aids, posters, and charts during presentation. The menus listed must be factual showing that a well balanced diet exists. The group leaders will validate the menus from each group member, to determine if  food guide pyramid requirements were meet, and to see if the menus can be part a weekly menu that the cafeteria manager can possibly approve for the school breakfast and lunch regimen.


The following are good sites to complete the Web Quest:





Research: 20 points

After the students have researched the subject and visited the designated sites they should have learned the different food groups and what nutritional value each group has, the correlation between the food groups, vitamins and minerals. From the information gathered, the group leader will make sure each member design a daily log that  incorporates all five food groups in the breakfast and lunch menus.


Class participation: 20 points

The group leader a long with their members will present to the class their daily log of menus, and explain the nutritional value of each menu and explain the vitamins and minerals their menus offer. The teacher along with the aid of the group leaders will see whether or not the menus from each group consists of a proper diet, if all five food groups were incorporated, if its nutritional, does the menu have vitamins and minerals, and was a correlation made in the groups with the five food groups, vitamins, and minerals.


 The class has now designed a daily log with breakfast and lunch menus. It meets the daily requirements for students and adults to maintain good health. The proper vitamins and minerals were applied from the five groups to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Now ask yourself these questions: Do you think that are you are going to be hungry after lunch time? Do you feel that you learned the importance of eating a well balanced meal? How easy was it to research the food groups on the internet? What did you learn about the five food groups?