Sleep: Critical to Your Health

12th Grade Web Quest

by Tom Lillis


Seniors! Congratulations on completing the unit on “Keys to Healthy Living”. In the unit you learned about the importance of sleep to good health. As we discovered, a lack of sleep is a major problem in the U.S. for many teenagers and adults. The results of a lack of sleep can lead to physical, emotional, and mental health problems and have a negative impact on learning and school and work performance. You are now going to take the knowledge you have acquired and teach a lesson to 9th grade students to increase their awareness of the importance of sleep and encourage them to create or maintain good sleep habits.



You will be placed in groups of four and you will be creating a PowerPoint presentation that

will be the main teaching aide that you will use to guide your lesson on the day that your group teaches the 9th grade students. Each of you will be responsible to research a specific area regarding the topic of sleep and present that section of the presentation to the 9th grade class. This is a version of a compilation task.



According to the National Sleep Foundation (2002) almost 74% all Americans do not get enough sleep. Many poor sleep habits that last throughout adulthood begin during one's teenage years. Your team’s job is to help raise awareness of the importance of sleep to good health and good sleep habits to the 9th graders.


Each member of the group will research and present one of the following topic areas related to sleep:


Role #1: The importance and health benefits of getting enough sleep


Role #2: Adverse health effects of a lack of sleep and statistics on

               sleep problems and habits


Role#3: The different stages of sleep and what happens during each



Role#4: Suggestions of habits to improve amount of sleep and to help

   feeling rested more often


The following websites should be helpful in researching your topic areas:


Questions to help you your mind going about the topic?

  1. Why is getting enough sleep so important?
  2. How much sleep is recommended a night? Is there a different amount of sleep recommended for teenagers versus adults?
  3. What are the known adverse effects of not getting enough sleep?
  4. Why do so many teenagers and adults not get enough sleep if it is so important?
  5. Does what we eat or drink impact our ability to sleep well? If so, what foods and beverages have an impact?
  6. Can you think of some of your current habits that are negatively impacting the amount of sleep that you are getting? What changes could you make to improve your rest?
  7. What types of sleep disorders exist?
  8. Where could one go to get help if he or she has a sleep disorder?
  9. What are the different stages of sleep during a full night’s rest? What stages are typically most affected by a lack of sleep?
  10. What behavior and habit changes can one make to improve the amount of sleep one gets?


Additional Resources



You will be evaluated out of a score of 100 points:


  1. (30 points) Rough Draft of PowerPoint will be due one week from today (Due date is Friday, April 29th)
  2. (30 points) Final Product of the PowerPoint will be due two weeks from today (Due date is Friday, May 6th)
  3. (30 points) Quality of Presentation to the 9th grade class three weeks from today (Presentation date is Friday, May 13th)
  4. (5 points) Reference List of sources included with final product of PowerPoint (Due date is Friday, May 6th)
  5. (5 Points) Peer evaluation. Each member will evaluate other members of group for efforts towards project and respectfulness of other team members.



Hopefully this exercise helped reinforce the importance of quality sleep to living a healthy life. Please answer the following questions as honestly as you can. Your grade will not be impacted by your answers to the reflection questions and will not be shared with anybody.


1.       What were the best aspects of your PowerPoint Presentation? Why?

2.     What areas of the PowerPoint Presentation needed more work? How could they have been improved?

3.     What are your perceptions of how the 9th graders received your presentation? What, if any, specific feedback did you get from any of the 9th grade students that you taught?

4.     How did your approach to completing a project that needs to be taught to other students compare to your approach to a completing a project that you just need to submit to your teacher for evaluation?

5.     What was the most time-consuming part of working on this project?

6.     How many group sessions and how many hours would estimate that you worked in groups face to face?

7.     How did you feel about working on a group project when you received the assignment? How did you feel about working on the group project after you completed the assignment?



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(Created 4/23/2005)