About Us

Coach Cheryl Burton

Coach Burton is currently seeking an Masters Degree in Health and Physical Education.  She is a recent graduate of Georgia State University with a Bachelors Degree in Exercise Science.  Currently self employed as a personal trainer. 

Coach Gavin Colquitt

    Coach Colquitt is currently a Health and Physical Education student at Georgia State University.  He has served as an assistant high school basketball coach, youth league coach and private baseball instructor.  Coach Colquitt played college baseball at Berry College for 2 years.  He is currently a manager at the Southlake Athletic Club.

Coach Cameron Hinz

    A student at Georgia State University studying Health and Physical Education.  Coach Hinz has experience working as a substitute teacher for Clayton County Public Schools grades K-12.  Coach Hinz also has coaching experience at High School level coaching the Jonesboro High School Track team.  Hinz is a graduate of Jonesboro High School as well as Gordon College where he received his Associates Degree in Health and PE.

Coach David Jackson

    A senior at Georgia State University majoring in Health and Physical Education.  He has an 8 year old daughter who is a competitive gymnast.  His hobbies include bodybuilding, jogging and cycling.

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