Michael Finley, Webquest                Contraceptives


        Babies, STD's, HIV, what do we do?  Is contraceptives the key?  In our society today there is a high percentage of teens getting pregnant and people catching sexually transmitted diseases.  So you are now a 11th grade class and you have been faced with this problem, of this high percentage of people with STD's or getting pregnant early in life.  Your job is going to be to learn everything about contraceptives and come up with come up with a plan.


        In this task you will be divided into five groups of four.  You are to use the internet to explore and identify why contraceptives are so important in our society today.  In your research, look for different types of contraceptives and which one may work the best.  You will:  Use the information you gather to put together a power point presentation to inform others about the importance of contraceptives.  Also, you will have to make a poster board with your groups contraceptive that they think will work best to hang up in the classroom.

Poster board Specialist:  This person is in charge of choosing the contraceptive that works the best and do a poster board over it.

Brainstormed Specialist:  This person comes up with the ideas about the PowerPoint presentation and the organization of the presentation.

Researcher Specialist:  This person is to find different types of contraceptives from the net and other sources and get information about each.

Presenter Specialist:  This person is in charge of presenting the PowerPoint, meaning he or she has to know the information well.

* Everyone must work together to accomplish this task


      Before you begin your researching I want you and your group members to ask yourselves these questions:

1.) the way I perform on this assignment can effect my groups grade, can I handle the situation?

2.) How many contraceptives are there?  Do they all work?

3.) What if the computer to do the power point does not work, how will I handle this situation?

4.) How many teens get a sexually transmitted disease or becomes pregnant because they do not use contraceptives?

Here are some web sites that may be helpful in your search:

Poster board Specialist:  Go to local clinics and look at bulletin boards and talk to school nurse for ideas. http://ragingbull.lycos.com/mboard/boards.cgi?board=BRL&read=188

Brainstormed Specialist:  You should take to nurses, doctors, and if possible someone you know who has had an STD to give you valuable information.  http://www.healthcare-pharmaceufical.com, http://www.canadapharmacy.com 

Researcher Specialist:  You should use the net to find as much information about contraceptives as you can.  http://www.drugstore.com, http://planetpillstore.com, http://www.healthcare, http://www.birthcontrol.com, http://canadapharmacy.com 

Presenter Specialist:  Your job is to present the information that the researcher has found.  He or she should talk to the nurses, doctors, and look at the same material as the researcher.  Also, he or she should talk to a speech teacher for speaking cues.  http://www.healthcare, http://www.drugstore.com, http://canadapharmacy.com, http://planetpillstore.com 

Resources: other places to go for additional information are websites that you find on your own, books, magazines, newspapers, professionals, television. You can have as many resources as you want as long as they are related to the topic.


       After all of the work, I want you ask yourselves did you all work good as a group?

       Did you finish the task of coming up with power point presentation and making a poster board?

       Criteria for grades:  Each student will be individually graded based on a 100 point scale.  Eighty percent will come from you doing you specialist job correctly.  The other twenty will come from group participation.

1.)  Your poster board will be worth twenty points

2.)  Your Presentation will be worth forty points

3.)  Your group participation will be worth twenty points

4.)  Your proof of things you did (handouts, notes, etc.) in your specific area will be worth twenty points.

5.)  Your research finding must be turned in.


1.)  Did you enjoy putting together a presentation on contraceptives?

2.)  Did you enjoy doing your specific part of the assignment for the presentation?

3.)  Do you think that you taught someone something new about the use of contraceptives?

4.)  If you could do this whole process all over again what different would you have done?