The following questions should help you think and critique yourself about your Real Ideal Fitness for Life.


  1. 1. If you could do this task again, what is the first thing you would do differently?
  2. 2. How do you think you worked and collaborated with your groups and peers?
  3. 3. What are some things that you learned from this assignment that you never thought of before?
  4. 4. What was the most exciting discovery from your research?
  5. 5. If you could actually get this gym developed, just the way it is, do you feel comfortable and confident in your work 6. to have it done? If not, what could you change to make it work?
  6. 7. Do you think that your design will be state-of the-art for the students to come after you?
  7. 8. How does your design give back to your community?
  8. 9. If you didnít have a limit on money, how would you alter your design, if you chose to?