Now, it’s time to ask yourselves, how do we plan to complete this task?  These are a few questions that you may want to consider to help answer your initial question.


  1. 1. What can we use to help model our design?
  2. 2. Where do we find materials and construction workers?
  3. 3. How do we make sure able-bodied and disabled users gain the most from this gym?
  4. 4. How do we get the best equipment for our dollar?
  5. 5. What are some universal things that a good gym would have to suit all users?
  6. 6. How will we get people to use the gym?
  7. 7. How many people do we need to run the gym?
  8. 8. What will be our main attraction and signature feature in the gym?


Now, these are a lot of questions to ponder over and think well about. These are some websites that can help guide you in the right direction of thought.


Budgeting: Materials and overall cost limits

-         Check this website for cost ideas and material analysis


Designing: Layout and plans

-         Check this website for plan and layout designs

- Check these for facility ideas, features, and variations,


Health Scientist: Equipment and access

-         Check this website for disability access guidelines,

-         Check this site for equipment choices 


Engineering: Building and function

-         Check this website for facility organization, development, and construction


Testing: Function and final approval

-         Check these sites for safety ideas (click on health websites, click on teacher/ student resources, click on “Teacher tested ideas”)

-         Check this site for checklists and overall guidelines on health and fitness


Resources: There are so many places you can go for additional resources. Talk to your P.E. teacher for ideas and suggestions, go to your local recreation and fitness facilities and talk to directors for organizing ideas, talk with trainers for equipment recommendations, and talk with health teacher for possible vending suggestions. Go to any number of websites, books, articles, magazines, T.V. channels (I recommend Discovery or TLC), or basically any place that will give you solid information. It’s your choice!