A Health and Fitness Announcement!


By: Michele Wicks

                                                  8th grade                                                      




Congratulations! You are one of five reporters working on a five part health series. This is your first job pursuing a career in public television and your first assignment is to video tape a Public Service Announcement (PSA) on one of the five components of fitness. You are going to work with a group researching the internet on interesting facts and statistics supporting your topic. Now let’s get started!!!!



Task- Journalism


The task of the PSA series is both a group and individual project. Since you are reporting on one of the five components of fitness you must divide into groups of five. In your groups each person will draw to see which component they will report on. Then you are to research the internet on your fitness component and tell why it is important to your health and the health of the general public. Each student will video and report their PSA on one interesting fact and one statistic on one the following…


1.      Body Composition

2.      Cardiovascular endurance

3.      Flexibility

4.      Muscular Strength

5.      Muscular Endurance




How do I get started?


1.      Get into groups of 5. Once you have gotten into these groups write each fitness component on a piece of paper and draw to see which one you get.

2.      Once you have received your fitness component please answer the following questions from your research on the internet. These questions will help you to write the script for your PSA.


        First question to answer by each reporter!

1.      What fitness component am I reporting my PSA on?



Body Composition: www.americanheart.org

1.   What is body composition?

            2.   Why is body composition important?

            3.    How does our body fat compare to that of Canada?


Cardiovascular Endurance: www.health-get.com

1.  What is cardiovascular endurance?

2.  Compare the cardiovascular health of America to another country.

3. What are some exercises we can do to increase our cardiovascular endurance?


Flexibility: www.aahperd.org/

1.      Why do we measure muscular flexibility?

2.   How does stretching prevent injury?

3.   How flexible is America? Find an interesting statistic. www.thestretchinghandbook.com


Muscular Strength: www.lauralee.com

1.      Why is muscular strength important?

2.      What is one statistic of the overall strength of Americans compared to another country?

3.   What are some ways to measure muscular strength?


Muscular Endurance: Fitness: How we tell if we are fit and the five components of fitness, physical fitness

1.  What is definition of muscular endurance?

2.  Why is it important?

3.  What is one statistic in America on muscular endurance compared to the      endurance of another country?


Here are some additional websites to help with researching your topic.









3.      PSA Research

a.       Together as a group read what a PSA is and view a sample PSA and decide the criteria for writing and taping an effective PSA www.acsm.org/reg_chapters/resourses/PSA’s.htm



b.      After researching your fitness component write a script based on your findings. (see evaluation for script criteria)

c.       Practice reading your scripts.

d.      Then videotape each person on ONE tape. Each group member should tape someone’s PSA.

e.       We will download one copy to the school website and present the other to the class for voting.




Grading timeline:

  1. You will have one week from today to complete the project.
  2. The first 3 days will be spent in class researching the internet and working in groups.  (any other research will be done on individual time.)
  3. Scripts and resources will be due the day before final taping.
  4. Final taping will take place on the last day.


Grading System:


10 points                   script /resources

35 points                   PSA presentation/final taping

10 points                   group participation/ evaluations


50 total points



Criteria for grading



Written in ALL capitals

Must turn in a least 3 resources

Has been proof read

Answered all focus questions 


PSA presentation/final taping:

                   No more than 2 minutes in length

                   Speak clearly and loudly

                   Dressed appropriately

                   Each person is to tape someone else 


 Group participation/evaluation

                   Your peers will evaluate you on the following…

Did you complete the task?

Did you do your part to participate in the group project by bringing ideas for discussion?

Did you participate in the final videotaping?

Were you able to communicate with your group effectively and with a good attitude?




Through this activity you will learn what a PSA is and how to write and tape an effective script. You will learn several interesting facts and statistics on the 5 components of fitness and compare them to the health of another country.

  1. What did you learn from this project?
  2. What changes would you make to make this project more effective?
  3. How did you feel about the health statistics of America to other countries? Do you have any suggestions?

      4.   Did you learn anything new on the five components of fitness?